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Teach you how to choose a Bluetooth speaker

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A very important part of the quality of a Bluetooth speaker depends on the built-in Bluetooth module. What is a Bluetooth module? The official explanation is: the Bluetooth module is composed of a chip, a PCB board, and peripheral devices. The best Bluetooth module currently is CSR. The reason is that it has strong compatibility, and its stability performance is the strongest after the connection with the mobile device is completed, so the performance of the speaker using the CSR Bluetooth module is more stable.

Of course, Bluetooth speakers that cost one or two hundred yuan on the market use low-cost Bluetooth modules. This type of product not only generates a lot of heat but also is not stable enough in connection with the device. This is why we use particularly cheap Bluetooth speakers. It will be easily interfered or disconnected.

Another thing to note is that the Bluetooth protocol supported by a Bluetooth speaker is also very important. To obtain a more stable connection, it is necessary to choose a higher Bluetooth protocol. At present, the more mainstream versions are Bluetooth 4.1 and 4.2. These two versions have the advantages of low power consumption, stable signal transmission, fast connection speed, and good anti-interference ability.

Teach you how to choose a Bluetooth speaker

Another noteworthy feature is the NFC function. The official interpretation of this function is near field communication technology, which allows non-contact point-to-point connections between electronic devices. On Bluetooth speakers, NFC is a fast connection mode of Bluetooth. Everyone knows that when pairing a Bluetooth speaker with a mobile phone, you must first turn on Bluetooth and search for the device. Using the NFC function does not need to be so cumbersome. The mobile phone must also support the NFC function) and the NFC area on the speaker can be touched to complete the Bluetooth connection, which is very convenient. This function is currently very popular among Android users, and of course it is also very easy to use (for example, you can also reset the bus card through NFC, which is particularly easy to use).

Teach you how to choose a Bluetooth speaker

For a speaker, the sound quality of course is of great concern to users. Although Bluetooth transmission will have a loss in signal transmission efficiency, this loss is insignificant for ordinary users. Of course, I still suggest that you should try it out (your ears will not lie to yourself). Many cheap Bluetooth speakers on the market look stylish, but the sound quality is terrible. The manufacturer’s exaggerated publicity caused some Xiaobai users to be deceived by it, but after buying it back, they found that the sound was so bad that they couldn’t listen.

Speaking of battery life, the first thing to say is that Bluetooth speakers on the market are mainly divided into two types, home and outdoor portable. We don't need to care too much about the battery life of home Bluetooth speakers (just use it and charge it). But the endurance of outdoor Bluetooth speakers needs attention. For example, when we travel, outdoor Bluetooth speakers come in handy, and everyone can share music together. But it would be embarrassing if the music speakers were out of power after just playing for 2 hours. Therefore, the battery life of a portable Bluetooth speaker is very important for daily use.
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