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Bluetooth headset OEM manufacturers elaborate on the three major trends of tws headsets in the future

Release time: 2021-08-14    Viewers: 616

The tws headset is overwhelming. Are the bluetooth headsets okay to make this year? Can Bluetooth headsets be used in the current economic environment and market conditions? Presumably this is a problem currently plagued by many Bluetooth headset OEM manufacturers. As a practitioner in the Bluetooth headset industry today, I want to talk to you about the three major industry trends in the future of tws headsets. On the one hand, I want to cheer myself up, and on the other hand, I want to sort out my ideas for my friends.

Trend 1: Call noise reduction and active noise reduction functions will become more mature

There is noise everywhere in daily life. Whether you are taking the subway or working in an office, you will be disturbed by all kinds of noise. TWS true wireless Bluetooth headset has great accomplishments in noise reduction, and call noise reduction and active noise reduction have gradually become standard. However, many people worry about the damage caused by active noise reduction to hearing, but in fact, active noise reduction earphones actively generate "inverted noise" to cancel the noise in real time. Like in a noisy environment, they don’t need to be adjusted up like normal earphones. The volume is used to suppress the noise, and you will not feel tired after listening to the song for a long time. To some extent, active noise reduction can effectively protect the hearing of human ears. In terms of noise reduction, U&I was developed by our technology as the earliest TWS Bluetooth headset in China. It has focused on Bluetooth and audio for 18 years, and focused on the TWS Bluetooth headset segment for 6 years. Many noise reduction headphones have been recognized by the terminal consumer market. Its U&I U&I U1/HAPPY2 are mainly focused on noise reduction technology and sound quality, especially U&I U1’s dual-microphone invisible noise reduction function, which can accurately collect sound samples and effectively reduce environmental noise during a call, even if you are in High-definition calls can also be made on streets with noisy ambient sounds, and intelligent voice recognition is accurate and smooth. In addition to the two noise reduction products, U&I U1 and U&I HAPPY2, according to my internal personnel, U&I’s ANC series of new products will also be launched in the near future. This series of new products will bring users a new life. In this way, users can listen to music in various scenes such as commuting and outdoor sports, and isolate the noise outside the music world. It is worth looking forward to.

Bluetooth headset OEM manufacturers elaborate on the three major trends of tws headsets in the future

Trend 2: Design and comfort are more upgraded
In terms of product design and comfort, applications in different scenarios have also become the boundary point for dividing different brand characteristics. At this year's CES conference, Jabra launched a new sports product-the upgraded version of the Jabra Elite Active 75t. In addition to the use of durable and sweat-proof coating materials on the materials, Jabra collects thousands of ear molds from around the world in order to enhance the wearing comfort and physical noise isolation in terms of the shape and size of the earphone body. The shape of the earphone will not fall easily even if it shakes greatly.

Trend 3: Smart health has become a new bright spot
In terms of health ecology, smart health is also a new bright spot. Justin Sargent, president of Nielsen China, a global monitoring and data analysis company, said: “During the epidemic, Chinese consumers have become more aware of health and have a more diverse understanding of health. Everyone is no longer confined to traditional fields such as safety, hygiene and healthy eating, and smart health supported by technology is becoming more and more popular." More and more brands, such as Philips, demonstrated the latest version of SmartSleep for the first time at CES. Sleep headbands use consumer sleep data, combined with feedback from doctors and early adopters, to create a complete sleep experience. In addition to Philips, many brands such as Apple regard health as one of the most important strategic directions in the future.

In view of this, whether Bluetooth headset manufacturers or OEM/ODM foundries, they should consolidate their own advantages and strive to develop in these three directions. With the help of tws headset trends, seize opportunities when the market prospects are not optimistic.
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