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What is the difference between a true wireless bluetooth headset and a normal bluetooth headset?

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With the development of wireless Bluetooth technology, Bluetooth headsets have become the new favorite of the market and consumers. More and more people choose to get rid of the shackles of wires and choose Bluetooth wireless headsets as their daily equipment, but in fact, Bluetooth headsets are divided into two types. , One is an ordinary Bluetooth headset, which is still connected with a wired material between the two headsets, and some brands are also used with a collar; the other is a true wireless Bluetooth headset, there is no wire connection between the headsets, only two small Small earplugs provide music player and power support. So which of these two headsets is better?

As an industry insider, Bluetooth headset OEM manufacturers have tested and experienced nearly 300 headsets of various brands, models, domestic and foreign brands, and they should still have a say. Here is a chat with everyone, Bluetooth headsets The pros and cons of Hezhen wireless Bluetooth headsets.

1. Positioning and trend analysis
Judging from the current market development trend, Bluetooth headsets are undoubtedly an alternative to wired headsets. After the connection line between the headset and the mobile phone is separated, people's hands have been greatly liberated, and we no longer need to listen to music. Carry your mobile phone with you and endure the wire dangling in front of your chest, so you can do more. According to the increasingly miniaturized and simplified evolutionary standards of digital products, there is no doubt that true wireless Bluetooth headsets will one day replace ordinary Bluetooth headsets.

What is the difference between a true wireless bluetooth headset and a normal bluetooth headset?

2. Analysis of performance convenience

In terms of performance alone, there is no difference between true wireless Bluetooth headsets and ordinary Bluetooth headsets. From a technical point of view, true wireless Bluetooth headsets are even more refined, which tests the manufacturer’s design and technical capabilities. After all, ordinary Bluetooth headsets are still available online. There are battery compartments and operating area settings, while true wireless Bluetooth headsets concentrate all the functions on small earplugs. Under the premise of ensuring excellent sound quality, it must also ensure long-lasting battery life. This is not all Manufacturers can do it.

What is the difference between a true wireless bluetooth headset and a normal bluetooth headset?

3. Technical comparative analysis
After canceling all the wires, the microphone on the true wireless Bluetooth headset has also been transferred to the earplugs. How to use the ear microphone to clearly receive the sound from the mouth and eliminate the surrounding noise interference, think about it as one piece It's a headache. After years of technical research and development, the industry has finally overcome this technical difficulty. The carefully designed microphone directional collects the sound from the direction of the mouth and completely removes the surrounding noise. This is not a little bit better than ordinary Bluetooth headsets. .
In addition, Bluetooth headset OEM manufacturers still have a problem that they want to complain about. The hallmark of the evolution of wired headsets to wireless Bluetooth headsets is the elimination of the long wire between the mobile phone and the headset, which greatly liberates both hands, but at present In the design of ordinary Bluetooth headsets, many brands have even added collar designs, adding new weight and new wires to Bluetooth headsets that should be designed with lightweight as the main design direction. This makes Bluetooth headset OEMs very puzzled. After all, in my opinion, true Bluetooth headsets are the future development trend. Why did anyone go the opposite way?
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