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What is TWS Bluetooth headset?

Release time: 2021-08-19    Viewers: 556

Since the removal of the 3.5mm jack on iphone7 last year, the Bluetooth headset market has developed rapidly, and the types of Bluetooth headsets have also emerged in an endless stream, especially a TWS wireless Bluetooth headset that has made consumers more puzzled. In response to consumer questions, what is a TWS Bluetooth headset for everyone?

To talk about TWS Bluetooth headsets, let's start with TWS technology. TWS: Short for True Wireless Stereo, it means true wireless stereo. The realization of this technology is based on the development of chip technology. Technically speaking, it means that the mobile phone is connected to the main speaker, and then the main speaker is connected to the slave speaker through Bluetooth wirelessly, so as to realize the true wireless separation of the left and right channels of Bluetooth. When the slave speaker is not connected, the main speaker returns to monaural sound quality. TWS technology has been applied to the field of Bluetooth headsets, so a new product-TWS Bluetooth headsets was born.

Compared with ordinary Bluetooth headsets, TWS true wireless Bluetooth headsets have the following advantages:

1. There is no need for wired connection. The left and right earphones form a stereo system through Bluetooth, which improves listening, talking, and wearing;

2. The wire connection method is completely abandoned outside the true wireless bluetooth headset, and the host can work alone, and hands-free calls are fully controlled;

3. It conforms to human ear engineering, is natural and comfortable to wear, and will not cause the problem of entanglement of the earphone cord before.

Since the two earhooks of the TWS Bluetooth headset do not require a wired connection, the two left and right earphones form a stereo system through Bluetooth, which improves listening, talking, and wearing. Once this type of product came out, it was quickly welcomed by consumers. Since its listing, it has been selling well, and production has been in short supply. However, many TWS Bluetooth headsets currently on the market are relatively expensive due to their high cost.

What is TWS Bluetooth headset?

Basic technical characteristics of TWS Bluetooth headset:

1. Using high-quality Bluetooth 5.0 chip to enhance the signal source, the signal is more stable, continuous connection

2. Compatible with smartphones and smart devices with built-in Bluetooth function

What is TWS Bluetooth headset?

3. Single and double ears can be switched at will, can be used alone or together

4. Touch to switch, touch to cut song, pause/play, answer and hang up the phone.

5. Lightweight and mini, low power consumption, long battery life

Although this kind of headset has some disadvantages, the convenience it brings to everyone is also meaningful. I believe that the future market potential is huge. However, in order to gain a share in this industry, Bluetooth headset manufacturers must continue to strengthen product performance, improve product quality, beautify product design, and reduce product prices in order to be accepted by more users.
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