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TWS Bluetooth headset mold private mold customization issues you must understand

Release time: 2021-08-19    Viewers: 576

Today, the TWS private model of Bluetooth headset will tell you what kind of strength is needed to open this exquisite and beautiful TWS Bluetooth headset mold to better avoid mold blemishes!

There are three normal reasons for TWS Bluetooth headset mold custom mold opening and scrapping:

1 TWS earphone plastic mold T0 came out, the segment difference was large, it could not be corrected, only scrapped.

2 The use of steel and mold base materials for TWS mold opening is too poor. If you can't pass the extreme mold trial, don't talk about mass production.

3 There is no special person to follow up the progress of the mold cycle, and the delivery is far away. To solve the mold quality, product exquisiteness and delivery problems, the following details need to be done

TWS Bluetooth headset mold private mold customization issues you must understand

Try to find only private mold manufacturers to complete the customization:

Customization has its own perfect process: mold opening requires the use of good steel and Longji mold base, and the mold accuracy is within 0.01MM. After the mold is completed, the product is tested twice and OK, so that there is a parting line, you can’t see it,

TWS Bluetooth headset mold private mold customization issues you must understand

During the mold development stage, customers and internal project information are docked, and the one-to-one progress is made. The mold factory has the ability of collaborative research and development, not only has the ability of technological innovation, but also can meet the needs of the market. So that my hard work is not in vain
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