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Bluetooth headset manufacturers explain the three noise reduction methods of tws Bluetooth headsets

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Noise reduction, as the name implies, is to reduce noise, restore the sound source, and make the sound quality as high-fidelity output as possible. Tws Bluetooth headset is a must to reduce noise as an audio device, so how does tws Bluetooth headset reduce noise? What methods do Bluetooth headset manufacturers generally use to reduce noise? Today, Bluetooth headset manufacturers will introduce three ways of noise reduction for Bluetooth headsets.

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Bluetooth headset manufacturers explain the noise reduction method of tws Bluetooth headsets: active noise reduction
Active noise reduction means that in some specific occasions, such as high-speed rail/aircraft, some regular noise from the outside world (such as the roar of an aircraft engine) is collected through a noise pickup microphone. Through the circuit or algorithm, the reverse noise signal is added to the music signal, which is the sound in the earphone heard by the human ear, and the external noise is directly cancelled out, so as to achieve the noise reduction effect.

Bluetooth headset manufacturers explain tws Bluetooth headset noise reduction method 2: passive noise reduction

This refers to in-ear earplugs, because the earplugs are inserted into the ear canal of the human ear through a silicone sleeve. Therefore, it has a better function of isolating external sounds. And this noise reduction is full frequency, that is, it is effective for sounds from 20 Hz to 20K Hz, and this passive noise reduction is lossless sound quality. So the general HiFi earplugs are in-ear type for this reason.

Bluetooth headset manufacturers explain the three noise reduction methods of tws Bluetooth headsets

Bluetooth headset manufacturers explain the noise reduction method three of tws Bluetooth headsets: call noise reduction

Call noise reduction refers to the design of Bluetooth headsets for the caller to hear clearly. Common such as Qualcomm's CVC noise reduction. Its principle is to use the chip inside the Bluetooth headset to filter the signal received by the call microphone to reduce the external wind noise. At the same time, you can also perform echo reduction processing on the call sound from the other party.

Bluetooth headset manufacturers explain the three noise reduction methods of tws Bluetooth headsets

CVC noise reduction does not have an additional microphone to collect external noise, so the noise reduction effect is still not enough for practical applications. Therefore, some Bluetooth headsets are also designed with additional microphones to collect environmental noise, and then the internal processor will subtract the external noise collected by the noise pickup microphone from the signal collected by the call microphone. Therefore, this noise reduction effect is much better. This kind of noise reduction is generally called "uplink noise reduction".

At present, the noise reduction methods commonly used by Bluetooth headset manufacturers are basically the above three types. The noise reduction methods adopted by different Bluetooth headsets are different depending on the design of the Bluetooth headset. However, the Bluetooth headset manufacturers have noticed that the active noise reduction method of Bluetooth headsets will be changed in the future. Will be widely used, especially long-handled Bluetooth headsets will gradually adopt the form of dual-mic active noise reduction. 2020 may be the beginning of active noise reduction.
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