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Explain the difference between moving iron earphones and moving coil earphones

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The bluetooth headset manufacturer is asked by a question that I want to cry without tears. What is a moving iron bluetooth headset? What does it have to do with high-speed rail? It's really a black question mark face! Therefore, Bluetooth headset manufacturers must explain in detail what is a moving iron headset. Speaking of moving iron earphones, you have to mention moving coil earphones. Today, Bluetooth headset manufacturers are detailing the difference between moving iron earphones and moving coil earphones.

Bluetooth headset manufacturers elaborate on the principle of moving iron earphones and moving coil earphones
The principle of dynamic headphones is similar to that of ordinary speakers. The coil in the permanent magnetic field is connected to the diaphragm. The coil is driven by the signal current to drive the diaphragm to produce sound. Dynamic earphones are divided into open, semi-open and closed earphones by their openness. At present, the vast majority of earphones are dynamic earphones.

The moving iron earphone is transmitted to the center point of the miniature diaphragm through a precisely structured connecting rod, thereby generating a vibration and sound earphone. The moving iron earphone can be easily placed in the ear canal because it is much smaller. This effectively reduces the ear area that can be placed deeper in the ear canal. The geometry of the ear canal is much simpler than that of the auricle, which is round, so compared with traditional earplugs, the soft silicone sleeve can provide good sound insulation and leak-proof effects.

Explain the difference between moving iron earphones and moving coil earphones

Bluetooth headset manufacturers elaborate on the key points of the sound of moving iron earphones and moving coil earphones
The advantages of moving iron are in medium and high frequencies. It has better resolution, which is why many moving iron headphones are suitable for poisonous female voices (in layman's terms, they can better express the sweet, sexy, vicissitudes of human voice, etc.). In terms of low frequency, the moving coil is better than the moving iron in terms of volume, and it is easier to show the dynamic feeling of the music (as the saying goes, "boom times hitting times"; in general, the moving iron has a high density, but the volume feels less; the moving coil density Slightly lower, but the sense of volume is much greater than that of moving iron).

Low impedance and high resolution are also the characteristics of moving iron headphones. The transient response is very fast, and it has excellent performance in following sudden signals in music. And rock).

Explain the difference between moving iron earphones and moving coil earphones

Bluetooth headset manufacturers elaborate on the respective characteristics of moving iron earphones and dynamic earphones
The sensitivity of moving iron is higher than that of moving coil. The main reason is that the structure of the moving iron unit is almost a closed container structure. A little current can drive it. Here, attention should be paid to the relationship between sensitivity and resistance. Due to higher sensitivity, moving iron earphones have better transient performance, and are far superior to dynamic earplugs in terms of dynamic performance, instant detail performance and sound density.
The dynamic iron earphone has a more stable frequency response curve. Under different temperature, humidity and usage conditions, the frequency response curve of dynamic headphones will have some sound changes. The power iron shows good stability, which makes the sound quality more stable and reliable, and it is not easy to replace. Moving iron is smaller and lighter. Moving iron earphones help protect hearing.

After understanding the difference between dynamic earphones and moving iron, how should consumers choose? Bluetooth headset manufacturers recommend choosing dynamic headsets. The low, middle, and high tri-band connections of the dynamic coil are smooth and natural. Although the sound density will be looser, the headset is compact without moving iron, but it benefits from the large-size dynamic unit. , Its sound range is very wide, more suitable for listening to classical music and large-scale music.

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