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Four innovative technologies of tws Bluetooth headset

Release time: 2021-08-21    Viewers: 592

Most of the Bluetooth headset factories have been producing tws Bluetooth headsets in recent years, that is, wireless Bluetooth headsets. However, tws headsets have not been favored by audiophiles because of the latency, noise, and other factors of Bluetooth itself, and its sound quality has always been Not favored. However, with the advancement of technology, the update of the Bluetooth version, and the technological innovation of the Bluetooth headset factory, the tws headset has been more and more recognized. Today, the Bluetooth headset factory counts the four innovative technologies of the tws Bluetooth headset.

Tws Bluetooth headset technology innovation 1. Sound quality technology has been greatly improved

One of the most criticized Bluetooth headsets in the past is the sound quality problem. The first batch of domestic users who use Bluetooth headsets generally responded that the sound quality of Bluetooth headsets is not a bit worse than wired headsets. After buying it back, the picture is fresh and soon Shelved it. But don't forget, in this era, the advancement of digital technology will far exceed your imagination. With the development of technology, there is almost no difference between the sound quality of Bluetooth headsets and wired headsets, at least this difference is completely indistinguishable by human ears. Using high-quality Bluetooth chips, high-quality conductive wires, and a specially designed sound unit, the music performance of contemporary Bluetooth headsets is completely beyond your imagination.

Four innovative technologies of tws Bluetooth headset

Tws bluetooth headset technology innovation two, long battery life
Many people do not like Bluetooth headsets because they think that Bluetooth headsets generally have a short battery life and are not suitable for long-term use. Of course, we have to admit that in the early stages of the development of Bluetooth headsets, due to the lack of science and technology, the battery life of Bluetooth headsets is generally only about 3 to 4 hours. For music lovers, it is not enough for a day to use, and it is natural to be disgusted. Things. However, with the advancement of science and technology, especially the improvement of battery technology, the current Bluetooth headsets have been able to meet the needs of heavy users, just like the recently famous Internet celebrity brand-JEET Bluetooth headsets, which have a battery life of 11 About hours, it is enough for a day's use.

Tws Bluetooth headset technology innovation III. Waterproof performance

Waterproof performance is an important technical indicator that is generally ignored by everyone. Earphones that have not been specially designed and processed, not to mention soaking, sometimes just a shower of rain may cause the entire earphone to be completely scrapped. At present, the Bluetooth headsets on the market generally can achieve IPX4 waterproof performance, and even better, like the JEET W1S, this even achieves IPX5 waterproof performance. Running is not afraid of sweat infiltration, and even if it rains suddenly, it is not afraid of water ingress.

Four innovative technologies of tws Bluetooth headset

Tws Bluetooth headset technology innovation IV: comfort
I believe many people have such troubles. When using wired earphones, the wires are often tangled together, which is very inconvenient, especially for some people who like to exercise or who need to crowd the morning peak subway when commuting. Wired earphones The wire is often hooked with various things, and we still need to rush to untie it, not to mention the wire that is entangled after storage. The Bluetooth headset can help users get rid of the shackles of the cable, so that we are no longer entangled in the shackles of the wire. The carefully designed Bluetooth headset is not easy to fall and wears stably, and it is easier to store when we use it.

The bluetooth headset factory believes that with the continuous improvement of technology, tws bluetooth headset will not only improve in terms of battery life and sound quality, but even develop into a digital standard for wearables. The bluetooth headset factory will make unremitting efforts to this end. Will spare no effort to launch and innovate new Bluetooth headsets.
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