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4 magical uses of bluetooth speakers

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As more and more car owners begin to pay attention to the safety and speed of driving calls, in-car Bluetooth hands-free devices have gradually become popular. However, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy a car Bluetooth hands-free is just for talking while driving, and I always feel a little uncomfortable.

In fact, it doesn't have to be the case at all. In fact, in addition to being a good assistant for driving calls, car Bluetooth audio hands-free can also be of value in many other places.

Safe and healthy driving and talking
For the driver, the current traffic conditions are unpredictable, and the steering wheel has to make several laps when turning sharply. At this time, the leader calls and asks you to report customer information and project progress immediately. Whether to answer or not? Even if the driving skill is high, driving while answering the phone with your hand is on the verge of danger. Traffic conditions change rapidly, and people or cars may rush out from the road at any time; failure to pick up will delay work progress or lead to accusations from leaders. At this time, if there is a car Bluetooth speaker, it is almost a sword for the driver to pick it up! Hit it! There is nothing to worry about. Therefore, when driving and talking, the safety of driving is guaranteed with the on-board Bluetooth speaker.

In fact, using Bluetooth speakers to answer calls is also good for health. Did you know that the radiation of a two-hour phone call will cook an egg, and the earphone damage far exceeds the damage of the phone radiation. Using hands-free calls can be described as killing two birds with one stone, which can greatly reduce radiation damage and avoid irreversible damage to ears caused by headphones. How can we who value health ignore this daily life detail!

4 magical uses of bluetooth speakers

Enjoy a musical feast outdoors
On holidays, driving outing with friends, the pleasant natural scenery can be regarded as a feast for the eyes, and suddenly I want to have an auditory feast. At this point, we only need to take out the car's bluetooth speaker from the car and connect it to the mobile phone, and then we can enjoy our favorite music. Sitting around with family and friends, you can experience the beauty of music while resting. Compared with direct playback on mobile phones, the sound effect of Bluetooth speakers is naturally much better.

4 magical uses of bluetooth speakers

Convenient solution for conference calls
The customer wants to hold a conference call, but the company's conference call system is broken! What if you are in a hurry? Use a mobile phone, listening is fine, but speaking a little far away from the microphone, it is not easy to hear. Yes, isn’t there a car Bluetooth speaker? Connected to a mobile phone, it is a convenient teleconference system. Needless to say, the voice transmitted by the other party is clear, and more importantly, as long as the voice is within a few meters, the voice transmission is also clear and unobstructed. A small car Bluetooth speaker, at this time you will feel how intimate it is!

Install a speaker on your computer
Watching a movie at home, but the sound is broken, and the computer's own sound is too small, how can it not be worthy of the shock of the blockbuster being played! I am depressed! Don't worry, don’t you have a car Bluetooth speaker? Take it and turn on the computer Bluetooth connection, paired with hands-free, a simple audio alternative is OK. Although the stereo is not so rich, but the clear sound quality and sufficient volume can still satisfy you!
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