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11 tips for buying true wireless Bluetooth headsets

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The 3.5mm headphone jack on smart phones is gradually banned, and true wireless Bluetooth headsets have blown out. Faced with a dazzling array of true wireless Bluetooth headsets, how do you choose the one that suits you?

As a music enthusiast, I have used about a dozen true wireless Bluetooth headsets in a year. After a series of processes of understanding, using, stepping on pits, constantly changing new ones, and summarizing the experience, the wholesale of Bluetooth headsets Some guides for avoiding pitfalls of true wireless Bluetooth headsets are shared with you. I will sort them out from eleven dimensions.

Look at brand reputation
When you buy true wireless Bluetooth headsets, the first problem you will encounter is the choice of the headset brand. There are a dazzling array of true wireless Bluetooth headsets on the market in terms of brand, advantage, price, and quality. So which brand to choose? Which headphones are the best? First, when choosing a true wireless Bluetooth headset, try to choose a headset of a well-known brand as much as possible.

Look at the texture of packaging accessories
It is said that beauty is justice. Although I do not fully agree with this point of view, in this new era where everything depends on beauty, high beauty is more likely to make people feel good, and the same is true for people and true wireless Bluetooth headsets. After all, The first impression is particularly critical. A good-looking package can really make people look forward to it.
The wholesale of Bluetooth headsets feel that the next step is its additional accessories. If the value is not enough, then you have to use added value to increase your impression. The accessories of true wireless Bluetooth headsets are nothing more than charging cables, charging boxes, product manuals, etc., and it may be more intimate. There will be a storage bag and ear caps that can replace different models, which can be purchased according to your own preferences. After all, "greens and radishes have their own love", here I personally recommend the Yihuo true wireless Bluetooth headset, this headset packaging , The accessories are all OK.

Look at the design details
Appearance design is also a major factor in the purchase of true wireless Bluetooth headsets. Although true wireless Bluetooth headsets of various brands on the market are not particularly ugly, this undoubtedly increases the difficulty of purchasing and makes people wonder what to do. Which one to choose? In fact, this is very simple. First of all, you can choose according to the color. The calm and atmospheric colors such as black and silver are more suitable for boys or athletes. White small fresh headphones are more recommended for girls.

Secondly, you can also choose according to the design style, such as full of metal, more fashionable and cool headphones are suitable for music hipsters, and finally can be selected according to the material, the material is matte, the metal texture is better, and the touch feels more warm Delicate, giving people a better experience.

11 tips for buying true wireless Bluetooth headsets

Look at the strength of the configuration
When buying a true wireless Bluetooth headset, there is often such a sentence: the outsider looks at the configuration, the insider looks at the quality. As ordinary music lovers cannot accurately measure the quality, the Bluetooth headset manufacturers believe that they have to choose the best configuration. There is a new headset, and the configuration of the true wireless Bluetooth headset is also divided into Bluetooth configuration, sound configuration and battery life configuration.

Look at the stability and speed of the Bluetooth connection
The biggest difference between true wireless Bluetooth headsets and ordinary wired headsets is that the medium that supports their work is radio waves, and the stability of signal transmission between devices affects the overall experience of the headset. Therefore, when buying true wireless Bluetooth headsets, there are Focus on the stability and speed of Bluetooth.

Look at wearing comfort
Whether it is a wired headset or a true wireless Bluetooth headset, the comfort of wearing is a very important purchase criterion. If a headset is not comfortable to wear, then even if the headset is designed to be beautiful and the sound quality is excellent, the user experience It won't be great either. It is necessary to know that the wearing experience of true wireless Bluetooth headset is mainly determined by the comfort of the earplug material. Bluetooth headset manufacturers believe that the firmness of the headset head and whether the volume of the headset is cumbersome is determined, so you can start from these three aspects when purchasing, and the choice can be comfortable A true wireless Bluetooth headset to wear.

Look at the sound quality
Stable connection and comfortable wearing are only the most basic requirements of true wireless wireless Bluetooth headsets, and more importantly, the sound quality of the headset. On the one hand, no one wants to spend a lot of money on a flashy Bluetooth headset, on the other hand, the sound quality can also be attractive. It is "like being in a fairyland and physically and mentally happy." Whether the sound quality of a true wireless Bluetooth headset is superior or not depends firstly on the unit quality of the headset itself, and secondly, it depends on the specific performance of the headset's low-frequency, mid-frequency and high-frequency.

11 tips for buying true wireless Bluetooth headsets

See charging life
Compared with wired headsets, battery life has always been the pain point of Bluetooth headsets. True wireless Bluetooth headsets are certainly no exception. After all, it is really unpleasant to hear the power out of the wonderful moment, and the true wireless Bluetooth with short battery life Headphones often need to be charged frequently, and the actual experience will be greatly reduced. Therefore, we also need to focus on the battery life of the headset when purchasing true wireless Bluetooth headsets, which can be subdivided into single battery life and total battery life.

Look at the waterproof and dustproof performance
Everyone is accustomed to wearing wireless bluetooth earphones when exercising and listening to wonderful music while exercising, but it is inevitable that sweat will infect the earphones during exercise, not only sports earphones, but also ordinary music bluetooth earphones. It is easy to get dust and water stains, so when buying a true wireless Bluetooth headset, basic waterproof and dustproof considerations are also very necessary.

See usage requirements
Bluetooth headset manufacturers believe that the shape and function of each headset has unique value. If you want to choose your favorite true wireless Bluetooth headset as soon as possible, you must first clarify your own use needs, and select purposefully to play a better role. According to true wireless The specific uses of Bluetooth headsets can be divided into three categories: sports Bluetooth headsets, business Bluetooth headsets and partial leisure Bluetooth headsets.

Look at the price
Price has always been a concern of everyone, and it is also an unavoidable important factor when purchasing true wireless Bluetooth headsets. While ensuring the appearance, wearing, connection, sound quality, battery life and other functions of the headset are OK, you also need to budget according to your own psychological budget. , Select the true wireless Bluetooth headset at the right price.
Summary: True wireless earphones are the outlet. How can I buy them satisfactorily? Based on my experience in purchasing and using true wireless earphones over the past year, I can solve your difficult choice and avoid stepping on the pit!
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