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In-ear headphones knowledge

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Stethoscope effect and bone conduction

Bluetooth headset manufacturers believe that for new users of in-ear headsets, two problems are most criticized: the "stethoscope effect" (also known as "wire noise") and the "bone conduction phenomenon." The stethoscope effect means that in-ear earphone users can hear the noise (caused by the wire rubbing clothing or other things) that is conducted into the earphone by the wire. "Bone conduction phenomenon" means that sound is transmitted from the user's body to the user's ear canal so that the user hears noise (caused by eating, walking, etc.). Both of these phenomena are side effects caused by the closure of the ear canal. This closed and quiet listening environment intensifies this noise.

In-ear headphones knowledge

"Stethoscope effect" can be avoided by wearing it around the ear or using clothespins. Some companies have also specially provided wires that better reduce the "stethoscope effect". Bluetooth headset manufacturers believe that the "bone conduction phenomenon" can limit its impact by not eating while listening to music and walking gently (changing soft-soled shoes). In the end, most users will adapt to these two problems and eventually forget them.
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