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What is a moving iron headset

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Bluetooth headset moving iron headset refers to the use of an electromagnet to generate an alternating magnetic field. The vibrating part is an iron sheet suspended in front of the electromagnet. When the signal passes through the electromagnet, the electromagnet's magnetic field changes, so that the iron sheet vibrates and makes sound. Moving iron earphones are conducted to the center point of a miniature diaphragm through a precisely structured connecting rod, thereby generating vibration and sound. Since the unit is much smaller, it can be easily inserted into the ear canal. This approach effectively reduces the area of the ear part and can be inserted into the deeper part of the ear canal. The geometric structure of the ear canal of a Bluetooth headset is much simpler than that of the auricle. It is a round shape, so a soft silicone sleeve can already have a good sound insulation and anti-leakage effect compared to traditional earplugs.

Inside the moving iron earplugs, the voice coil is wound on a precision iron piece called "balanced armature" located in the center of the permanent magnetic field. This piece of iron drives the diaphragm to produce sound under the action of magnetic force. Bluetooth headset wholesale believes that the moving coil is The diaphragm is directly driven, and the moving iron is conducted to the center point of a miniature diaphragm through a precisely structured connecting rod, thereby generating vibration and sound.

What are the advantages of moving iron
The advantages are long service life and high efficiency. The disadvantage is that the distortion is large and the frequency response is narrow. Often used in early telephone handsets. Unlike general dynamic earphones, the moving iron-style sound unit can be made very small, so 2 or even 3 units can be placed in each channel, responsible for the high, bass and sound field processing. The sound performance is comparable to that of an advanced speaker system.

The sound insulation effect of moving iron is better than that of moving coil into the ear. Due to the large area of the moving coil unit and the need for more space and air to participate in the vibration during the sound production process, the sound leakage phenomenon cannot be effectively controlled; while the moving iron can effectively reduce the area of the ear part and can be placed deeper Part of the ear canal. (Almost moving coil earphones have vent holes, and moving iron earphones rarely see vent holes. CK9 is an exception.) Because the geometric structure of the ear canal is similar to the circle, it is much simpler than the auricle, so it has a soft texture. Compared with the traditional earplugs, the silicone sleeve has good sound insulation and anti-leakage effect.

The sensitivity of the moving iron is higher than that of the moving coil. The main reason is that the structure of the moving iron unit is almost a closed container structure, and a small amount of current can drive it. Pay attention to the relationship between sensitivity and resistance. It is precisely because of higher sensitivity that moving iron earphones perform better transiently, and are far better than moving earphones in terms of dynamic performance, instantaneous detail performance, and sound density of music.

The frequency response curve of moving iron headphones is more stable. Dynamic earphones have some audible changes in the frequency response curve under different temperatures, humidity and use. The moving iron shows good stability, making the sound quality more stable and reliable, and not easy to change. A very important reason is that the moving iron units are almost all made of metal materials and are formed by high-precision molds. The vibrating diaphragm of the moving coil unit is generally combined with the coil by glue, so there are many influencing elements inside. , There are many individual differences. Therefore, the electroacoustic performance of the unit compared with the moving coil is much more stable.

The moving iron is smaller and lighter. This is due to the characteristics of the moving iron unit. The weight of the diaphragm of the moving iron rises linearly with the increase in the diameter of the unit. Therefore, the moving iron is more suitable for small in-ear earplugs, and it is impossible to make an open type. Or half-open earplugs. This is also the reason why moving iron technology is now only used on earplugs.

What is a moving iron headset

Moving iron earphones help protect hearing. As mentioned earlier by the wholesale manufacturer of Bluetooth headsets, moving iron earplugs generally have good sound insulation effects, and the extremely high sensitivity enables good performance at very small volumes, so you can enjoy them in a noisy environment without increasing the volume. Pure voice. Moving iron units are widely used in medical, healthcare, aviation, military and other fields, and hearing aids are more common. Doctors will not recommend products that may harm their health to patients, and most well-known hearing aid brands use moving iron units, so moving iron earphones are more secure than moving coil earphones.

Affect the sound quality of moving iron earplugs

On the one hand, it is the moving iron unit, which is obvious. Compared with the moving coil, the moving iron unit has a more sophisticated internal structure and higher production costs (it should be noted that this is not the main reason for the high price of moving iron headphones). It is the foundation of the sound quality of the earphone, and the advantages of the moving iron over other earphones are mainly reflected by it. A good earplug must use a good unit.

What is a moving iron headset

In fact, the sound quality of moving iron has a more important aspect. Everyone knows that the sound quality of the ER4P that also uses a single unit is much higher than that of the UM1. Of course, the unit accounts for part of the reason, but on the other hand, it depends more on the inside of the moving iron earplug cavity and the contact connection between the unit and the shell—the sealing ring. This sealing ring reflects more than half of the technical level of moving iron headset manufacturers. The difficulty of moving iron earphones lies not only in the unit, but also in this small sealing ring part. The function of this rubber ring is to further enhance the sealing of the unit, and the other is to modify the sound conduction. Different tuning materials and different craftsmanship will produce different sound performances. Compared with the moving coil, the tuning of the moving iron basically lies in the adjustment of the material and structure of the sealing ring. Its adjustment level requires extremely precise technical level, which mainly determines the difficulty of producing moving iron earphones. Therefore, moving iron can not be produced only with units, and it is not the kind of small cottage that can be assembled at will like moving coils to make a good sound.
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