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Interpretation of the dual transmission mechanism of tws bluetooth headset

Release time: 2021-08-27    Viewers: 559

When using tws Bluetooth headset, it is often troubled by the settings of the main and auxiliary ears of the Bluetooth headset, including the battery life of the headset, the problem of Bluetooth signal reception, the problem of sound source delay, and so on. Bad experience, mostly because of the main and sub-set of the tws Bluetooth headset. Due to the existence of the headset system, today's wireless Bluetooth headset manufacturers mainly interpret the dual-transmit mechanism of tws Bluetooth headsets in order to solve many of the above problems.

Wireless bluetooth headset

Why do I need to set the main and auxiliary ears for the Tws Bluetooth headset?
The feature of TWS headset is that both the left ear and the right ear are connected via Bluetooth. Taking the mobile phone as an example, the mobile phone is connected to the main ear via Bluetooth, and the main ear is connected to the secondary ear via Bluetooth. The left and right dual channels are used separately. If only connected A headset (yes, TWS can only wear a headset), it is mono.

At present, there are two wireless connection methods on the market: One is near-field sensing technology, for example, Nuforce and B&O brand TWS headsets use this technology. The advantage is the low power consumption of magnetic field induction at close range, and the transmission speed is very fast at close range. The disadvantage is that the induction is worse from far away. The second is the Bluetooth primary and secondary ear transmission technology, which is also the mainstream TWS technology on the market. Bluetooth is used to connect the primary ear (usually the right ear) first, and then connect the primary ear to the secondary ear.

Interpretation of the dual transmission mechanism of tws bluetooth headset

However, the shortcomings of this connection method are obvious: because of one more process, the power consumption of the main ear will be higher than that of the auxiliary ear. For example, the auxiliary ear can listen to music continuously for 4 hours, and the main ear can only listen for 3 hours; except for battery life Different time will bring about different charging time and service life of left and right ears. Some brands of TWS headsets need to be re-paired during use, that is, "code loss", and the accessory ear is disconnected when the main ear is removed for charging, which affects the mood of listening to the song.

Indeed, the sound of music, movies, games and other applications has a sense of direction. Headphones need to be designed as two channels, and the sound heard will have dimensions and stereo effects. However, can TWS simplify the design more, no longer distinguish between the main and auxiliary ears, and provide a better experience? The answer is yes, that is, the dual-transmit mechanism of tws Bluetooth headset.

Interpretation of the dual transmission mechanism of tws bluetooth headset

The core of the TWS headset is the chip solution. At present, Lanxun has removed the concept of primary and secondary ears at the chip level, and the power consumption on both sides is balanced. The left and right ears can be interrupted at any time without interfering with each other and switching seamlessly. In addition, the power consumption balance is not all higher, but all lower: the earphones no longer need to transmit and consume additional power, and through a deeply optimized algorithm, the battery life of both ears is increased by 20%.

In addition to the main and auxiliary ears, Lanxun also strives to improve a very important experience of TWS headphones-delay. Listening to songs may be less sensitive to delay, but as a new upstart in the earphone industry and a "just-needed" in the future, TWS headphones must carry many applications such as movies and games. Low delay is very important. Lanxun's audio equipment group solution reduces the delay of both ears by more than 30% compared to some competing solutions. It truly achieves ultra-low latency, and it is no longer a problem to play 3D games.
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