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Bluetooth headsets for mobile phone use skills

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1. Can my mobile phone use Bluetooth?
Answer: Bluetooth headset manufacturers believe that Bluetooth is a world-standard protocol. As long as your phone has Bluetooth function, you can use Bluetooth headsets, Bluetooth hands-free and other Bluetooth mobile phone accessories. For several common mobile phones of major brands, you can go to their website to check whether your mobile phone supports Bluetooth.

2. How do I choose a Bluetooth headset
Answer: Bluetooth headset manufacturers feel that they should first choose Bluetooth headsets of the same brand. For example, Sony Ericsson phones choose Sony Ericsson Bluetooth headsets, and Nokia phones choose Nokia Bluetooth headsets. If you don't like Bluetooth headsets of the same brand, you can choose other brands of Bluetooth headsets.
Next, choose a headset with a new style and a favorite shape. The functions and performance of the various Bluetooth headsets are not much different, only the shape has its own strengths.

3.Is the Bluetooth headset easy to use?
Answer: Bluetooth headsets are very simple to use, much simpler than mobile phones.
Before using the Bluetooth headset, pair it with the mobile phone. The simple pairing process is introduced: first press and hold a button of the headset (the manual says) for a few seconds, and then use the mobile phone to search for the Bluetooth device. After the mobile phone finds the Bluetooth device, it will display the found Bluetooth Name, enter the pairing password (usually 0000) and then press the OK button of the phone, then the pairing process is simply completed.
Bluetooth headset manufacturers do not have many buttons when they leave the factory. Most of them only have volume buttons and answer/hang up buttons, so the use is very simple.

4. What is the effective range of Bluetooth?
Answer: Bluetooth is a protocol used for short-distance data communication. The effective range is about 10 meters. The larger the effective range, the power consumption of the headset will increase, and the volume and weight will increase, so there is no need to require a large effective range.

5. What is the pairing password for Bluetooth?
Answer: Bluetooth pairing password is generally 0000, some Nokia models are not 0000, there will be a small piece of paper with the pairing password.

6. What is the effective use range of Bluetooth headsets?
Answer: Simply pair with a Bluetooth mobile phone, and you can talk wirelessly within 10 meters.

7. Does the Bluetooth headset have radiation problems?
Answer: The radiation value is only one-tenth of that of a mobile phone, which is almost negligible. It is a radiation-free product and can be used with confidence. It is a green and environmentally friendly way of using mobile phones. It has become quite popular in Europe and the United States.

8. Can the battery of the Bluetooth headset be replaced and what is its life?
Answer: Most of the batteries of Bluetooth headset manufacturers are built-in lithium batteries (a small number of Bluetooth headsets use AAA batteries), the battery cannot be replaced, and the number of battery recharges is about 500 times. According to each use for 3 days, it can be used for 1500 days, which is also about 3-4 years. A Bluetooth headset can be eliminated after 3 years, so there is no need to worry about the battery failure of the Bluetooth headset.

9. What should I pay attention to when charging headphones?
Answer: The first charge-before you use the headset, you need to charge the headset battery for 24 hours. Recharging-When you hear a beep every 20 seconds through the earphone speaker, it repeats 5 times, it means the earphone needs to be recharged.

Bluetooth headsets for mobile phone use skills

10. How to wear headphones?
Answer: The headset is initially set to be worn on the right ear. 1 Open the microphone arm, and then open the ear hook (at a 45º angle to the earphone) 2 Hang the ear hook behind the ear. 3 Cover the ears with the earphones. 4 Put the microphone arm towards your mouth

11. After the Bluetooth headset is successfully bound with a Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone, why can't the headset be used normally?
Answer: Bluetooth headset manufacturers believe that before you make a call, you must first connect the headset to the phone. First find the Bluetooth headset device list in the phone, and select "Connect" in the properties or options. If the headset device cannot be used normally, please delete the Bluetooth device on the phone and perform the binding operation again.

12.How to charge the Bluetooth headset?
Answer: 1 Insert the charger plug into the earphone, with the side of the charger with the release label facing down, and the front of the earphone facing up. 2Plug the other end of the charger into the power socket. When charging, the indicator of the headset will light up until the charging is completed. The headset cannot be used during charging. The first charge time is about 24 hours, and the next charge is about 1.5 hours. 3 When charging is over (the indicator light turns off), remove the charger from the power socket, press the release button on the charger plug, and remove the charger from the headset. Note: When you are driving a vehicle, you can use the original car power adapter to charge the headset.

13. How to change the headset setting to wear on the left ear?
Answer: The headset is initially set to be worn on the right ear. To change it to wear on the left ear: 1 Open the microphone arm, and then open the ear hook (at a 90º angle to the earphone) 2 Gently lift and pull the upper part of the earphone hook to link it from the upper part Remove the pin, then push it away to move it. 3 Turn the headset over. 4Hang the bottom of the ear hook on the lower link pin, then lift and pull the upper part of the ear hook at the upper link pin.

14. How to adjust the headphone volume?
Answer: Press the upper part of the volume key repeatedly to increase the volume to the desired volume. Press the lower end of the volume key several times to reduce the volume to the desired volume.
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