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TWS true wireless Bluetooth headset, how about the Bluetooth distance and stability?

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The antenna stability and battery capacity of TWS true wireless Bluetooth headsets have always been the most difficult technology to overcome. In Tws, the Bluetooth transmission distance will be closer to a single ear. The general standard is about 7 meters and more stable, and more than 7 meters is considered strong. How to make a breakthrough?

TWS is the abbreviation of TrueWirelessStereo in English, which means true wireless stereo. TWS technology is also based on the development of Bluetooth chip technology. According to its working principle, it means that the mobile phone is connected to the main earphone, and then the main earphone is quickly connected to the secondary earphone in a wireless manner, so as to realize the true wireless separation of the left and right channels of Bluetooth. When the slave speaker is not connected, the main speaker returns to monaural sound quality. TWS technology has been applied to the field of Bluetooth headsets, so a new product-TWS Bluetooth headsets was born.

Bluetooth headset manufacturers believe that TWS technology takes advantage of AI and rides the express train of the "smart" era. Since then, Bluetooth headsets have given new vitality. It can realize the characteristics of single and double ear wearing, intelligent noise reduction, semi-intelligence and intelligence. Of course, the stability of TWS Bluetooth headset depends on the brand and solution. Antenna stability and battery capacity have always been the most difficult technologies to overcome. In Tws, the Bluetooth transmission distance will be closer than that of a single ear. The general standard is about 7 meters, which is relatively stable. .

At this stage, there are still some disadvantages of TWS Bluetooth headsets, such as:

1. Battery life
This type of problem ranks first among all problems. The main reason is the size of the single ear. Considering the ergonomic design behind the ear, most TWS earphones are made small and small in-ear or semi-in-ear; according to statistics on the battery capacity of each ear Between 25-60mAh, the maximum battery life-after single & dual earplugs are fully charged, the longest single use time is no more than 3 hours. To increase the battery life of the headset, the premise is that there must be a breakthrough in battery technology and a breakthrough in ergonomic design. Of course, Bluetooth headset manufacturers can also increase the battery life of the charging compartment. When we remove the headset and put it in the charging compartment, it is in the charging state, so if the battery capacity of the charging compartment is large enough, it can be maintained for a long time. Endurance.

TWS true wireless Bluetooth headset, how about the Bluetooth distance and stability?

2. Noise reduction in complex environments
In the era of smart phones, noise reduction technology achieves the effect of noise reduction through methods such as network optimization + hardware support + software assistance.

3. The bottleneck of wireless transmission distance
The TWS headset is different, because the TWS headset itself is a wireless call based on Bluetooth technology. According to the Bluetooth 4.2 protocol, its theoretical call range can reach 100 meters, and the new Bluetooth 5.0 theoretically can reach 300 meters, but in actual use In the middle, the complicated environment, the circuit itself, radio frequency interference and many other issues limit its use distance; the current mainstream use range in the market is 10 meters, and the farthest is only 12 meters.

4. Sound quality and sound effect
The focus on sound quality and sound effects outside the cabinet is more than domestic. Bluetooth headset users from foreign Bluetooth headset manufacturers have relatively high requirements for sound quality and sound effects. In addition to the need for good chips and solutions, good materials for the hardware are also needed for audio and sound effects. On the other hand, it also needs tuning on hardware + software (very professional). The cavity structure design of the headset will Directly affect the sound quality and the experience of sound effects. To improve the sound quality and sound effects of TWS Bluetooth headsets requires more professional technical support.

Based on market development and industry prediction, combined with the user experience of the product market and the capture of TWS-related issues, the industry outlook for such products:

1. TWS headsets will move towards intelligence

With the help of AI technology and rapid development, TWS headsets can be perfectly integrated in the field of AI, and can be used in combination with AI products. On the other hand, they can also let go of a completely intelligent product route.

TWS true wireless Bluetooth headset, how about the Bluetooth distance and stability?

2. Hardware manufacturer chips will integrate more functions of TWS
At present, mobile phones that support Bluetooth 5.0 technology have gradually become mainstream configurations. I believe that with the continuous investment of hardware manufacturers and the upgrading of products, more technical applications will give wings to TWS headsets.

3. Extensibility of TWS products
At present, the TWS industry is mainly represented by TWS headphones. In fact, TWS is not only applied to headset products, but can also be extended to all audio fields (TWS speakers, TWS smart wearable products, etc.). It is enough to innovate or seize market opportunities in each category. Let you stand proud in the market!

4. High bit rate transmission will still be the focus of the next step
The high transmission bandwidth of Bluetooth 5.0 also makes it possible for TWS true wireless Bluetooth headsets to make bilateral calls. High-bitrate audio playback has also been used for the first time in Bluetooth audio products. However, there is still much room for improvement. Bluetooth Headphone manufacturers believe that it is mainly a breakthrough in application technology, Bluetooth 4.2 version, many domestic manufacturers have achieved DSP effects-mainly in the speakers.
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