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The principle of Bluetooth serial port and Bluetooth headset

Release time: 2021-08-30    Viewers: 563

The bluetooth module in the bluetooth headset manufacturer processes the input audio stream and sends it to the client bluetooth device via the RF wireless module. The client bluetooth device is received by the wireless receiving module, filtered, stabilized, and processed by the microprocessor Later, it was released by the speaker.

In other words, if there is a serial port in the Bluetooth device, there is no connection between the communication rate of the serial port and the audio baseband frequency of 20HZ-20KHZ?

The principle of Bluetooth serial port and Bluetooth headset

Bluetooth headset manufacturers believe that the baseband frequency runs at 2.4G, the bandwidth is 1Mhz, and uses frequency hopping access and communication methods
There are many factors related to communication speed

1. Air port availability
2. bt is generally compatible with wifi combo, such as mobile phones, so you also need to see how busy the wifi is
3. The chip parameter protocol stack configuration is also related
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