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Disadvantages of true wireless Bluetooth headsets

Release time: 2021-08-31    Viewers: 591

Since 2016, tws bluetooth headsets, also known as true wireless bluetooth headsets, have been launched. Until 2019, it can be described as a hot year for true wireless bluetooth headsets. Major e-commerce platforms have created explosive models of true wireless bluetooth headsets, and the sales volume remains high. People judge that the market for true wireless Bluetooth headsets may double again in 2020. Is such a popular product flawless? Of course, it cannot be generalized. After all, electronic products are Bluetooth devices, so today Bluetooth headset manufacturers will explain the shortcomings of true wireless Bluetooth headsets.

Disadvantages of true wireless Bluetooth headsets

Disadvantages of true wireless Bluetooth headset one:

True wireless Bluetooth headsets are first Bluetooth devices. Bluetooth devices will receive the magnetic field interference from the environment and cause signal instability. This is a common shortcoming of all Bluetooth devices. However, with the upgrade of the Bluetooth version, the anti-interference ability improves. There is basically no problem with using true wireless Bluetooth headsets. The sound source signal and sound quality will not be affected in a normal environment. However, if you are working or living in a magnetic field copy environment, it is not recommended to buy true wireless Bluetooth headsets.

Disadvantages of true wireless Bluetooth headsets

Two recent shortcomings of true wireless Bluetooth:
True wireless Bluetooth headsets have latency. In fact, this is also a common shortcoming of Bluetooth devices. Even if the big brands claim that there is no latency, the actual latency will reach more than 0.1S. There is no delay without Bluetooth devices. It's okay to watch a video, and many video apps should automatically correct the problem of audio and video synchronization. But playing some games with high latency requirements can still be noticed. What needs to be reminded is that because of the existence of back-connection technology, the connection is relatively fast, which will give everyone the illusion of no delay, but the actual delay still exists. If the sound and picture timeliness requirements are very high, it is not recommended to use true wireless Bluetooth headsets.

Disadvantages of true wireless Bluetooth headset three:
True wireless Bluetooth headsets cannot be compared with HiFi products. Although audio equipment has a noise floor, there is no advantage in comparing and testing true wireless Bluetooth headsets with HiFi-level products. The noise floor is still slightly larger. Ordinary people will not be bothered by this, because the music is covered up after it is played. But the ears of enthusiasts are better and demanding. Therefore, if the sound quality is very high, it is more appropriate to use wired headsets or wired headsets + HiFi Bluetooth receivers at this stage.
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