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Introduce the correct use of small speakers

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Small speakers generally refer to speakers that support or can read memory processors such as SD, TF, etc. on the market. These speaker brands have produced small speakers. At the same time, many multimedia 2.1 speakers now also have card readers. Function, has been called the music angel of the audio industry by many organizations.

Due to the small size and simple operation of mini speakers, many consumers don’t care much about how to use them. As everyone knows, this idea is really absurd. Experts point out that mastering the correct method of use will not only make the product "extend life", but also It is also beneficial to improve the sound quality and increase your own music enjoyment.
So, do you all know the correct use of small speakers?
The first is the use environment
Mini speakers are small in size, and their shell materials are generally made of very malleable plastic or thin metal, so try not to place them in direct sunlight, and do not place heavy objects on the top of the speaker to avoid deformation of the shell.
Also pay attention to the ambient temperature of the mini speaker. The normal ambient temperature of general audio equipment should be 18℃~45℃. If the temperature is too low, it will reduce the sensitivity of some parts, such as the tube machine. If you are in the north, keep the mini speaker away. For heating sources such as heaters and heaters, too high ambient temperature is likely to cause premature aging and failure of components.

The second is power on and off

Some split-type mini speakers must follow the front-to-back rule when turning on, that is, turn on the main sound source such as the CD player first, and then turn on the audio unit; when shutting down, turn off the audio unit first, and then turn off the main audio source; if the mini speaker is connected For simple amplifiers, turn off the amplifier first when shutting down to avoid excessive inrush current from damaging the audio. When turning on the amplifier, turn the volume switch of the amplifier to the minimum to avoid instantaneous high volume damage to the speakers.

Introduce the correct use of small speakers

The third is line connection
In order to be portable, all parts of the mini speaker can be disassembled. For convenience, many people do not turn off the power when disassembling, so that the speaker is in working condition. As everyone knows, it is very dangerous to plug and unplug active devices on power, even passive devices such as microphones do not advocate plugging and unplugging on power.

Because the connection posts of the speakers are generally very close, and the speaker wires are tightly paralleled together, the speaker wires are often accidentally short-circuited when wiring.

Introduce the correct use of small speakers

The fourth is volume adjustment
When using a mini speaker to enjoy music, avoid turning the volume of the speaker to the maximum when it is turned on. When the speaker is turned on, the components of the speaker have not yet passed the preheating stage. Damaged, long-term doing so will cause some internal fragile audio components to fail.
Every time you use the mini speaker, it is best to use soft music to warm up for ten minutes at a medium volume. After the machine components are fully adapted, it is not too late to use it for full play.
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