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Cold knowledge of the portable bluetooth speaker industry

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Whether you are an audiophile or an ordinary music lover, there will be one or two speakers in your home. The speaker tubes are used every day, but not everyone knows their baby. This article will do a simple science popularization for you, what are the raw materials of the speaker cabinets on the market, and what are their characteristics. Portable bluetooth speaker

Wood raw material
Our most common and most popular is wooden speakers, but it is worth noting that wooden cabinets are not equivalent to pure logs. According to the classification of raw materials, wooden boards can be divided into two categories: solid wood boards and artificial boards.

The first type of natural solid wood, its cost is relatively high, and its quality is much heavier than speakers of the same volume, and it is usually used in high-end speakers. The board of solid wood speakers usually chooses precious hardwoods such as mahogany, rosewood, peach wood, sandalwood, etc., preferably a seamless whole board, which is the top material for the production of speakers. However, such materials are difficult to find, expensive, and difficult to process. The next ones are flower willow, jujube, catalpa, etc., with more serious ratio and even wood. The new material is easily deformed when wet, so it can be applied after drying. Therefore, sometimes in high-end products, different woods will also be used as an indicator of the grade of the product.

Cold knowledge of the portable bluetooth speaker industry

But for the vast majority of household-level users, the most common wood raw material is still wood-based panels. Among them, the density board is also called fiberboard. It is made by soaking wood, tree technology and other objects in water and then hot grinding, paving, and hot pressing. It is made of wood fiber or other plant fibers and applied with urea-formaldehyde resin or other suitable materials. Man-made panels made of adhesive. Density boards can be divided into high-density boards (density ≥880 kg/m3), medium-density boards (density 550 kg-880 kg/m3), and low-density boards (density less than 550 kg/m3). ). Because of its soft, impact-resistant, high strength, uniform density after pressing, it is easy to reprocess, but the disadvantage is that it has poor water resistance. Therefore, it is a common practice to use it to make a speaker cabinet.

Particle board, also known as particle board, bagasse board, is a wood-based board made of wood or other lignocellulosic materials and glued under the action of heat and pressure after applying an adhesive, also known as particle board. Mainly used in the furniture and construction industry, as well as the manufacture of trains and passenger cars. The product particle board does not need to be dried again, can be used directly, and has good sound absorption and sound insulation properties. But it also has its inherent shortcomings, because the edges are rough and easy to absorb moisture, so the edge sealing process of furniture made of particleboard is particularly important. In addition, due to the large volume of particleboard, the furniture made with it is also heavier than other boards.

Plastic raw materials:
Plastic raw materials have the characteristics of lightness and plasticity. The advantage of plastic is that it is easy to process, the appearance can be made better, and it can be made at a very low cost in mass production. But it does not mean that plastic is synonymous with low-end products. Like some well-known domestic and foreign brands, plastic materials are also used in high-end products, which can also produce good sound. We cannot simply think that the sound quality of plastic speakers is definitely not as good as wooden speakers. The material requirement of the speaker cabinet is that it is not easy to produce resonance, which affects the sound quality. As long as the plastic speaker is specially designed or used with special plastic materials, and has a good process guarantee, it can also achieve a better acoustic effect.

Cold knowledge of the portable bluetooth speaker industry

Glass material:
Nowadays, some major foreign brands, in order to seek the beauty and artistry of the speakers, will also choose glass as the cabinet. But it is worth noting that this raw material is actually not silica glass in our traditional sense, but a fashionable organic glass. Unlike glass in the traditional sense, it is not as fragile as we imagined in terms of raw materials, and its raw materials have good transparency, chemical stability, mechanical properties and weather resistance.

Metal raw materials:
Although metal speakers are not common in daily life, it does not mean that they are not suitable for speaker cabinets. Metal is stronger than wood and plastic in terms of strength and density, so it can create a more distinctive tone. In addition, because the color and texture of the metal raw materials are in line with the current mainstream aesthetic orientation, metal speakers also give people a very high-end feel. Many small-volume portable speakers use metal raw materials. In Bluetooth or WiFi small speakers, the use of metal is even more extensive.
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