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How to buy card speakers

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Buying skills card speakers

For the initial understanding of the card speaker, the steps of "watching, listening, and recognizing" can be used to identify: firstly view the technology and parameters, secondly listen to the sound quality, and thirdly recognize the brand.

A look at the process and parameters
At first glance, the craftsmanship is to judge the quality from the first appearance of the speaker, whether the production craftsmanship is accurate or not, fake and inferior products generally do not pay attention to these details, so a little care can be used to judge correctly. The technical parameters of the card speaker are nothing more than frequency range, output power, and signal-to-noise ratio.
The frequency range is generally 90Hz~20KHz. 90Hz represents the extension value of the card speaker in the low frequency direction. The lower the number, the better the low frequency response of the card speaker: 20KHz represents the high frequency extension value that the card speaker can reach. The higher the number, the better the audio characteristics.
The output power is a reference indicator of the card speaker. It is expressed in watts. This indicator does not indicate the quality of the speaker. It only indicates that the power amplifier required to drive the card speaker requires the battery to have the required output power.

The signal-to-noise ratio refers to the ratio of the output signal voltage of the amplifier to the noise voltage output at the same time. It is often expressed in decibels. The higher the signal-to-noise ratio of the device, the less noise it produces. Generally speaking, the larger the signal-to-noise ratio, the smaller the noise mixed in the signal and the higher the sound quality of the sound playback. Otherwise, the opposite is true. The signal-to-noise ratio should generally not be lower than 70dB. The signal-to-noise ratio of high-fidelity speakers should reach 110dB or more. The minimum signal-to-noise ratio marked by card speakers is mostly between 70dB and 90dB.

How to buy card speakers

Second listen to sound quality

The card speakers are mostly made of plastic materials. The smaller the material density of the speaker shell, the greater the vibration generated by the cabinet when the sound is emitted. From this aspect, it is difficult for the card speakers to achieve the super bass effect to a certain extent. It is also a common problem with almost all card speakers. However, the so-called "extreme" must be reversed. Although the card speakers are slightly insufficient in terms of bass, the performance of high and intermediate frequencies can be very good. With different design structures and different cavity sizes, the sound quality of the card speakers may still vary greatly.

How to buy card speakers

Three recognition brands
Good card speakers have well-made gold-plated or chrome-plated brand marks. If the trademark does not have a registration mark, there is no anti-counterfeiting certification mark on the outer packaging, and there is no warranty card inside the packaging, most of these three-free products are suspected of counterfeiting, fake or inferior.
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