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Key points for buying bluetooth speakers

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Compatible Bluetooth speakers

Although the compatibility of Bluetooth speakers basically supports 100% of existing Bluetooth devices, you still have to check whether your playback device supports Bluetooth before buying.

Bluetooth chip brand

Introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of Bluetooth modules on the market in 2013.

1) CSR: (UK)
Advantages: The top Bluetooth module, playback and microphone sound quality is currently the best on the market, basically compatible with all Bluetooth devices.
Disadvantages: does not support functions such as radio card

2) Chuangjie: (Taiwan)
Advantages: good sound quality performance, with voice prompts, support card radio and other functions
Disadvantages: The microphone effect is not ideal, and the compatibility is average.

3) Broadcom (Shanghai Broadcom)
Advantages: low price, also supports card insertion and radio
Disadvantages: average sound quality

4) Jianrong (Shenzhen)
Advantages: low price, powerful
Disadvantages: general compatibility, short receiving distance

Advantages: low price, good sound quality, rich functions

Disadvantages: poor call effect, general scalability, general versatility.

Key points for buying bluetooth speakers

6) Yubai Electronics
Advantages: low price, mellow sound quality, and rich functions. New brands and products that have just come out will be more powerful.
Disadvantages: No nationwide warranty is currently available, only sold on and Tmall

Transmission distance
The transmission distance of Bluetooth speakers is also a problem that everyone is more concerned about. The transmission distance of the Bluetooth speaker has nothing to do with the Bluetooth version, but mainly depends on the advanced level of technology. The standard transmission distance of PowerClass2 is 10 meters; and the upgraded PowerClass1 will increase the transmission distance to 100 meters and provide Hi-Fi stereo effects. Generally speaking, the distance between the mobile phone and the Bluetooth speaker is not too far, and the safer transmission distance is about 10 meters or less. The Bluetooth speakers on the market have reached the 10-meter standard.

When consumers purchase Bluetooth speakers, they often see numbers such as Bluetooth 1.1, 1.2, 2.0, 2.1, 3.0, 4.0, etc. These numbers represent different versions and also represent the anti-interference ability of Bluetooth speakers. In 2012, 2.0 was the most common, 3.0 was the new mainstream, and 4.0 was just recently launched. The different versions of Bluetooth are related to the quality of the received signal. The new version emphasizes the ability to overcome noise interference. The new version can be backward compatible, consumers should consider the price and demand when purchasing.

Built-in battery
The bluetooth digital speakers have built-in batteries and are truly wireless. The quality of the built-in battery directly determines the playback time and service life of the Bluetooth digital speaker. Before buying, please ask carefully about the actual playing time and the number of repeated charging and attenuation. Consumers are advised to choose lithium polymer batteries as much as possible when choosing Bluetooth speakers, as there is no danger of explosion.

Battery type:
1) Polymer battery:
Advantages: safe and efficient, no explosion hazard in the soft package.
Disadvantages: There are many types, and the price difference between pure cobalt (good) and pure manganese (poor) polymer batteries is several times.

2) 18650 battery
Advantages: Excellent performance, can reach the top level in charge and discharge (mostly used for laptop batteries), with explosion-proof protection

Key points for buying bluetooth speakers

Disadvantages: There are more disassembled batteries and old batteries. The same 18650 battery is 5-10 times the difference between good and bad

3) Aluminum shell battery
Pros: The price is very cheap
Disadvantages: poor performance. Without any explosion-proof measures, the consequences of an explosion would be disastrous.

Battery protection board:
1) The charging and discharging protection of the battery protection board of the brand-name battery is relatively poor, and it is unstable and easy to damage the battery cell and electronic equipment.
2) The unstable current output not only affects the sound quality, but also causes a loud current sound.

A good quality battery can reach 80% of the initial capacity after 500 times of charging and discharging. A poor quality battery cannot even reach 50% of its initial capacity after 100 times of charging and discharging.

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