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Does the Bluetooth headset have radiation to the human body?

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Professional data can accurately tell you that Bluetooth headsets have radiation, but the radiation is very small.

A Bluetooth headset is a device made of Bluetooth technology. The use of Bluetooth headsets allows everyone to answer the phone without being trapped by wires, and can make calls easily. Compared with ordinary headsets, it is more convenient to use and has a better answering effect. Does the Bluetooth headset have radiation?

Does the Bluetooth headset have radiation to the human body?

It is impossible for a Bluetooth headset to have no radiation. Any electrical device has a magnetic field, and there is radiation when there is a magnetic field. Evaluating whether an electrical device has radiation is not based on its size but the size of its radiation itself. However, the radiation of Bluetooth headsets to the human body is very small and can be said to be negligible.
1. Authoritative organization test

A team composed of experts such as the World Health Organization and IEEE has conducted tests and found that the radiated output power of Bluetooth products is only 1 milliwatt, which is one millionth of the power used by microwave ovens and one thousandth of the power of mobile phones (mobile phones). One part, and only a small part of these outputs are absorbed by the body.

Does the Bluetooth headset have radiation to the human body?

2. The radiation value is extremely low, and pregnant women can also use it
Simply put, the radiation value of a Bluetooth headset is only one-tenth of that of a mobile phone, which is almost negligible. It is a radiation-free product, a green and environmentally friendly way to use mobile phones. The radiation of Bluetooth to the human body is greener and safer than directly answering calls with a mobile phone and trying traditional connected earphones. Children and pregnant women can use it with confidence.
Three, Bluetooth headsets can effectively avoid mobile phone radiation
Using a Bluetooth headset cannot eliminate the radiation of a mobile phone, but it is like a body armor. Using a Bluetooth headset is like putting on a body armor for yourself. With its protection, you can reduce the radiation when using a mobile phone. The bullets are kept out of the human body, so as to avoid all kinds of damage that the mobile phone may cause to the human body.
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