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Teach you how to identify the six flaws of fake and inferior Bluetooth speakers

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A manufacturer specializing in the production of Bluetooth speakers, teaches you how to identify the six defects of fake and inferior Bluetooth speakers as follows:

1. Fake and inferior products have rough workmanship and low craftsmanship. There are good and bad things, and the things made by factories that implement strict standards are incomparable with the workmanship of those processing factories and underground workshops. It is estimated that consumers can distinguish with the naked eye, such as whether the speaker net is flat, whether the screws are firmly driven, and whether the color is uniform. The workmanship of fake and shoddy products and branded products can be seen and touched. Branded products pay attention to details and feel comfortable, while counterfeit products have poor feel.

2. Serious homogeneity in appearance design, use of public models, plagiarism design. Most of the molds of fake and inferior products are male molds, or plagiarize the appearance, so it can be said that they have no industrial design capabilities at all. On the other hand, the appearance of fake and inferior products does not seem to be aesthetic at all, it is purely an accumulation of various components.

Teach you how to identify the six flaws of fake and inferior Bluetooth speakers

3. Substandard materials are used. Due to market competition, there are large differences in the quality of speaker materials on the market. For example, wires, the good ones are pure copper wires, and the poor ones are basically copper-clad aluminum, that is, the outside is copper-plated, and the inside is aluminum. Such as good plastic shell materials, good BBS materials that have not been used for secondary use, poor materials for secondary recycling, ginseng materials, etc. Such as speakers: a good speaker has good magnets and many coils; another example is a speaker net. A good speaker net has a fine and uniform mesh. The material is mostly aluminum and other materials that are not easy to fade and paint.

4. Bluetooth transmission distance and transmission quality are limited. The Bluetooth chips used by brand manufacturers are all made by well-known manufacturers, and the version is higher, so the transmission distance and transmission quality are very good. Generally, the transmission distance can reach 10 meters, and there is basically no loss in transmission quality, which can fully interpret the sound quality elements. In 2013, there were two major companies in Bluetooth audio chip suppliers, one is CSR company in the UK, and the other is OVC company in the United States. CSR occupies most of the market share of Bluetooth speakers. At present, mainstream Bluetooth speaker manufacturers use these two solutions, while the fake and inferior product manufacturers use unknown low-quality chips. The Bluetooth transmission distance and transmission quality are naturally not guaranteed.

Teach you how to identify the six flaws of fake and inferior Bluetooth speakers

5. Poor sound quality. The sound quality of a good Bluetooth speaker mainly depends on whether it can cover the range of high, medium and low frequencies that human ears can feel. The treble can be crisp and sweet, the midrange is saturated and round, and the bass is powerful and rich. elasticity. And the high, medium, and bass are clearly layered and connected, and they are very close. The sound performance is exquisite and subtle, such as the breath of the singer when singing, and the tooth sound can be fully expressed. The fake and inferior products are simply unbearable, uncomfortable to the ears, and for users, it is completely noise.
6. The battery life is very short. The Bluetooth speakers have built-in batteries, making them truly wireless. The quality of the built-in battery directly determines the playback time and service life of the Bluetooth speaker. Lithium batteries for brand bluetooth speakers are generally original batteries of well-known brands with larger capacity. The quality is guaranteed. At medium volume, the battery life of 1000 mAh can reach 10 hours. The refurbished lithium batteries or second-hand old batteries used in fake and shoddy Bluetooth speakers have no quality guarantee at all, but there is a danger of explosion, so consumers must not choose them.
Summary: Fake and inferior products are purely low-level assembly of various inferior components, using inferior materials, rough workmanship, low craftsmanship, and no quality assurance at all. Fake and inferior products mainly exist in the production of some counterfeit manufacturers, black heart factories, and underground workshops that do not make products seriously. In the current booming market of Bluetooth speakers, they all hope to get a share of the pie and deceive consumers. Consumers must not be greedy for cheap and buy fake and shoddy products. This will only bring losses to themselves and encourage the arrogance of fake and shoddy product manufacturers. When consumers buy fake and inferior products, they are completely at a loss. The above are the fake and shoddy Bluetooth speakers sorted out by you. You can refer to and pay attention when buying and avoid buying fake and shoddy products.
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