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Pay attention to audio hardware when buying Wifi speakers

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From the current HiFi speakers based on Wifi wireless transmission technology, the price generally reaches several thousand yuan, and the most expensive one is nearly 8,000 yuan. Consumers must keep their eyes open when choosing. For HiFi speakers, materials are emphasized. The components, materials, and wire workmanship of the speakers are all implemented in accordance with the high standards of traditional HiFi products.

Pay attention to audio hardware when buying Wifi speakers

In order to achieve the purpose of accurate sound, audio hardware configuration is very important. When choosing, you can pay attention to whether the high, medium, and bass sound independently, and they are driven by independent amplifiers to avoid mutual influence. Independently driven sound generator, even when the low frequency power amplifier system is pushed to the limit, the high frequency is still unaffected and remains clear and loud. The "coaxial unit" technology can produce a more natural sound effect. The tweeter is hidden in the middle and bass, and music is emitted from the same generating point. No matter low frequency, mid frequency or high frequency, it can be transmitted by this drive unit.

Pay attention to audio hardware when buying Wifi speakers

Some HiFi speakers also create a wide "best listening area" to enjoy excellent sound quality regardless of the limitation of the listening position. The high-performance audiophile toroidal transformer minimizes the noise floor of active speakers and eliminates electromagnetic interference, which is the configuration level of the advanced HiFi amplifier system.

From the design point of view, some HiFi speakers are equipped with two modes of desktop or tripod. The main speaker can be selected according to the placement position. If it is too close to the wall, the sound-proof sponge plug can also be used to absorb excess bass reflection.
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