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Purchase and layout of home mini speakers

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Mini speaker is a kind of micro speaker. Many brothers also call it "usb speaker". It connects to a computer with a USB port or plugs into the mini speaker hole. It is compact, easy to carry, and fashionable. Mini speakers can be connected to most audio output devices, such as mp3, mp4, mp5, mobile phones, computers, etc. (some devices may require an adapter interface).

Originally, the primary function of the mini speaker was to improve the auditory environment of a single room, which can create a good atmosphere regardless of whether it is resting or doing housework. Many men like to wake up in the morning to listen to the news, while women like to dress up and appreciate music. Due to the simple structure, the mini speaker does not have too many wires except for the power supply, which can not only be moved around, but also will not interfere with the home furnishings.

How to buy desktop audio

This type of small speakers can be roughly divided into two categories.

(1) Active speakers.
Advantages: Simple, two cabinets, power amplifier components are all inside the cabinet, power switch and volume knobs are installed on the surface of the cabinet, and the price is low.

Disadvantages: relatively speaking, the sound quality is poor. Reason: The speaker is vibrating, and the audio power amplifier component is afraid of vibration and expects to be quiet. They are a pair of opposites. The two cabinets are not symmetrical (one has an amplifier circuit), and you expect stereo sound when listening to music.

Purchase and layout of home mini speakers

(2) Split type sound system.
Strengths: Compared with active speakers of the same grade, the sound quality is better. It is characterized by two cabinets and one amplifier, and the electrical safety is good.
Disadvantages: The price is high. Reason: The power amplifier components are separately placed in the metal shell, which increases the cost.
At present, many mini-components have the functions of cd player and radio, and the price is higher.

Usually the lowest performance frequency of the audio system can be selected above 40hz, of course, this is for each speaker with only one unit. If each speaker can guarantee two units, then the sound effect will be much more perfect.

Purchase and layout of home mini speakers

Audio layout and maintenance strategy
The speaker layout usually refers to the two speakers of a small desktop audio. We recommend that you place it in the place closest to the listening position, on a certain symmetry axis of the room. The two speakers should not be too far apart, otherwise it will be difficult to generate a sound field in a balanced manner based on the power of the two speakers of a desktop audio system.
Since it is not a professional listening room with sound-absorbing structure, it is best to reduce the number of times the sound is reflected back and forth in the room to prevent the increase in noise due to too many reflections, and to avoid the left and right sound caused by the different reflection paths of the two channels The field is not balanced.
Keep your mobile phone away from the circuit for the maintenance of the speakers. Although your desktop audio can be placed arbitrarily, keep it away from mobile phones, cordless phones, TVs, refrigerators, microwaves and other items, and the best distance from the computer case. Different electrical appliances are placed "right and wrong", which can best keep the circuits of each electrical appliance from being damaged due to mutual interference.
The sound source is very important. No matter how good the sound is, it is useless without good music. Since desktop speakers are generally used in small spaces such as bedrooms and kitchens to create music backgrounds, we recommend that consumers who use desktop speakers try to use more durable classical music, light music, or listen to FM radios. It is also good to play high-quality and large-capacity md .
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