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Which is better, active speakers or passive speakers?

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Active speakers are generally small in size and are a simple audio system with low volume release, which is suitable for home use. Usually computer speakers, Bluetooth speakers, etc. are active speakers, which are more suitable for most consumers.

Passive speakers are more formal, with a lot of power and better sound quality. Passive speakers need to add effects, microphones and other equipment to become a system to use. Generally suitable for conferences, performances, entertainment and other places.

Active speakers can be used as long as they are connected to a power supply and a marker. The operation is very simple, and there is no need to increase the power amplifier. It has a complete drive circuit, and the sound quality is relatively stable, not affected by other equipment, and it is very space-saving when used.
Passive speakers need to be connected to a power amplifier driver, and its sound quality will be affected by other devices. However, passive speakers are more flexible in tuning, and the effect of speakers can be improved by other devices. Passive speakers do not need to be connected to the power cord, only the signal line. Since there are so many types of passive speakers, other devices need to be added, so it will take up more space.

Active speakers have power amplification circuits in the speakers. For example, active speakers are used in computers, which are directly connected to the sound card of the computer, which can easily cause some resonance or electromagnetic interference.
Passive speakers can adjust the sound to the best state without interference from other devices, so the sound quality will be better. Passive speakers are usually large and bulky, not as small as active speakers.

Which is better, active speakers or passive speakers?

Passive speakers are usually used in professional places. Because of its professional characteristics, its price will be higher than that of active speakers. Speaker enthusiasts will prefer passive speakers. In addition to professional sound quality, the price factor also includes the value of brand and feelings.

Among mid-range-priced speakers, the quality of passive speakers is better than that of active speakers. Among low-end speakers, the sound quality of passive speakers and active speakers is generally difficult to distinguish.

Which is better, active speakers or passive speakers?

Which is better, active speakers or passive speakers, is mainly based on your own use place and needs to choose.
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