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The structure of the card speaker

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The card speaker generally refers to the audio card speaker box that supports or can read SD, TF and other memory processors on the market. Compared with traditional computer speakers and mobile phone speakers, the card speaker has a unique decoding function. Make it more popular with consumers, and because of this, it has become the decoding king in the audio empire. At present, many speaker brands have produced card speakers. In addition to portable speakers, many multimedia 2.1 speakers now also have the function of card reading.

Structure and composition
The card speaker is mainly composed of three parts: speaker, cavity and power amplifier.

The speaker (speaker unit) is the weakest device in the card speaker equipment, and it is the most important for the card speaker effect.

Parts. The speakers of the card speakers are mostly electrodynamic speakers, which use the interaction force between the voice coil and the constant magnetic field to vibrate the diaphragm and produce sound. It is characterized by fast response speed, low distortion, fine playback sound quality, and good layering.

The structure of the card speaker


The cavity is used to eliminate the acoustic short circuit of the speaker unit, suppress its acoustic resonance, broaden its frequency response range, and reduce distortion. The purpose of the card speaker with a cavity is mainly to prevent the sound wave signals on the front and back of the speaker diaphragm from directly forming a loop, causing only high- and mid-frequency sound with a small wavelength to be transmitted, and other sound signals are superimposed Offset.

The structure of the card speaker

Power amplifier
The power amplifier is mainly composed of passive components such as inductors, resistors, capacitors and other passive components to form a filter network, and send the audio signals of each frequency band to the corresponding frequency.
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