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What to do when your computer speakers are noisy

Release time: 2021-09-28    Viewers: 511

Nowadays, electronic products have become an indispensable part of our lives, but when using electronically produced computer speakers, you will inevitably encounter various problems. When you encounter problems, it is best to have some tips to help. Haha, the editor still understands everyone's thoughts, right? Nowadays, the use of computers is very common, and many people have equipped their computers with computer speakers, but sometimes there will be noises, and they don’t know how to solve them, which is a headache.

Generally speaking, there are the following situations when computer speakers have noise:

1. First determine whether it is the speaker or the computer. Turn the computer volume to mute and the speaker volume to the maximum. If there is a "stab" sound, it is a problem with the speaker, if not, it is a problem with the computer. If it is a speaker problem, you can repair it or buy a new one; if it is a computer problem, if the interface is broken, replace it with a new one. If the sound card is not used, it is possible that the audio processing chip or circuit in the computer is broken, and the motherboard must be replaced. If you are using a sound card, there may be a problem with the sound card. I suggest you try another sound card.

What to do when your computer speakers are noisy

2. Check whether the speaker connector is connected to the computer. If the speaker plug is not properly connected to the socket of the computer host, it will also cause the speaker to appear "stabs, stabs" electric current.

3. Current and electromagnetic wave interference. Stray electromagnetic interference is more common, and speaker wires, crossovers, wireless devices, or computer hosts will all become sources of interference. Keep the main speakers as far away as possible from the computer host and reduce peripheral wireless devices.

What to do when your computer speakers are noisy

4. The volume is too loud. Some computer speakers may also make noise when the volume is adjusted too high. This situation is because the output power of the power amplifier may be small, and the large dynamic peak signal at the moment of music cannot be avoided, or it is caused by speaker overload distortion. So don't adjust the volume so loudly.

5. If the above solutions are not resolved, click [Start]→[Control Panel]→[Hardware and Sound]→[Realtek High Definition Audio Manager]→[Device Advanced Settings]→check "Split all input jacks into separate Input device", click "OK" and it will be OK.

Generally speaking, the above is the noise of computer speakers, and also proposed a solution, I sincerely hope that these tips can help everyone. In addition, if you have anything to add, you are welcome to put it forward. As a professional speaker manufacturer, we will continue to accumulate experience and knowledge, so that we can continue to improve.
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