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What to pay attention to when buying computer speakers

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More and more people like to equip their computers with computer speakers, but do you know what to pay attention to when buying computer speakers? let me tell you.

1. Shell.
When buying a computer speaker, the first thing you touch is the appearance of the speaker, which involves the problem of the speaker shell. After all, there are roughly three kinds of materials for computer speaker shells: wood, plastic, and metal. Some people think that the quality and sound quality of computer speakers with wooden shells is definitely better than computer speakers with other materials. In fact, this requires a specific analysis of specific issues. In fact, as long as the workmanship, technology, and materials are good, the quality and sound quality must be good, otherwise there will be a good shell, and other aspects will not help. In addition, when choosing a computer speaker with a plastic or metal shell, it is best to choose a speaker made of environmentally friendly materials.

2. Signal-to-noise ratio.

The signal-to-noise ratio is a main parameter reflecting the performance of the internal power amplifier of active speakers. It refers to the ratio of signal to noise. The larger the ratio, the better. The signal-to-noise ratio of general professional HIFI speakers is above 90dB. Of course, ordinary computer speakers do not have to be too demanding, but you should still test it when purchasing. The method is: turn on the power of the computer speakers and turn on the maximum volume without connecting the audio source. There is no noise or noise. The smaller the better.

What to pay attention to when buying computer speakers

3. Frequency response.

Frequency response is the frequency response, which is the frequency range that the speaker can play back. The hearing range of the human ear is 20Hz~2000Hz, so computer speakers should be played back within this frequency response range as much as possible. However, due to the limitations of process and technology, the frequency response of the speakers marked by the merchant is less than this range, but it is better to be as close as possible.

What to pay attention to when buying computer speakers

4. Power.
Power is also an item to pay attention to when choosing a computer speaker, but when choosing a computer speaker, you should not blindly rely on the power. The actual auditory perception should be the main one. For general computer speakers, when the signal is input normally, if the volume knob can reach the normal volume when it is turned to a quarter.
Well, these are the items that should be paid attention to when choosing computer speakers, and the color, shape, size, etc. depend on personal preference.
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