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What kind of mini speaker is better

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Many people choose mini speakers. What they value more is not its brand and sound quality, but its compactness, portability and functionality. So what kind of mini Bluetooth speaker is better?

1. Support card playback
Mini Bluetooth speakers that support card playback, such as those that support TF cards (cards used by general mobile phones) or SD cards (large cards used by cameras), are more practical and portable.

2.3.5mm audio cable interface
In addition to Bluetooth and plug-in cards, a 3.5mm audio cable interface is also necessary. With this interface, you can easily connect and play with mobile phones, computers and other devices with the same interface.

3. With FM radio function

Although many people no longer use the radio, there are still a large number of people who need and like this feature. This shows that the FM radio function is still very good. If you are tired of listening to music, you can listen to the radio. This is also a season for life. . So when buying a mini Bluetooth speaker with FM function, it depends on the receiving frequency (usually 87MHz-108MHz is fine), and you can receive a few.

What kind of mini speaker is better

4. Supported music formats
This is also quite important. When using a card to play music, it is necessary to consider the issue of the music format. Generally, mini Bluetooth speakers that support the card can play MP3 and WMA format music, but you must also look at the supported formats. The more naturally, the better.

What kind of mini speaker is better

5. Play rate
The higher the playback bit rate, the better the sound quality, so when buying a mini Bluetooth speaker, you should choose a speaker that can support high bit rate audio files. At least 128kbps will not be broken, so that you can enjoy higher quality music .

6. Battery type
Rechargeable lithium battery is more convenient, and it also needs a relatively strong endurance. If it is out of the socket, it will not work, or it will run out after a short time. This is very depressing and disappointing.
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