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Bluetooth speaker specifications

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At present, there are many Bluetooth headset products on the market, and relatively few Bluetooth speakers. The so-called Bluetooth speaker actually refers to the speaker that relies on the Bluetooth transmission protocol as the carrier for data transmission. Since most mobile devices (mobile phones, notebooks, tablet computers) are equipped with Bluetooth chips, no data cable or audio cable connection is required. It is quickly recognized, easy to operate, and easy to connect.

From the perspective of sound quality performance, the effective audio data volume of CD sound quality data (44.1KHz sampling rate, 16bit sampling accuracy) is about 1.4Mbit. To transmit CD sound quality music signals, the transmission rate only needs to be maintained at 2Mbit per second. The "2.1+EDR" specification is sufficient. Moreover, because such products often follow the mature acoustic structure of traditional speakers, and realize wireless playback after integrating the Bluetooth module, their sound quality performance is comparable to that of speaker products of the same level.

Bluetooth speaker specifications

From the specification point of view, although the Bluetooth 3.0/4.0 standard has been proposed, the former is mainly reflected in the Bluetooth radio frequency modulation method in line with Wi-Fi, and the latter is reflected in the application of automatic power control, that is, low power consumption. The two versions reflect the progress of Bluetooth technology, but have little connection with audio applications. From the point of view of chip-level applications, it is suitable for version 3.0/4.0.

Bluetooth speaker specifications

The mainstream Bluetooth speakers all use the A2DP stereo protocol. In 2012, smartphones, tablets and other devices all support the A2DP protocol, so there is no obstacle to the use of Bluetooth speakers.
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