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What is so good about coaxial speakers?

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The so-called coaxial speaker is the use of a coaxial speaker unit to replace the general 2-way speaker. The coaxial speaker unit uses a transduction technology that places the tweeter drive component and the bass drive component on the same axis.

· So what is so good about coaxial speakers? ·

We know that based on the current principle of horn transducer, the general drive components including diaphragm, magnetic steel, magnetic circuit design, voice coil material, etc., are difficult to meet the sound reproduction of the entire audio range at the same time, so there is a suitable high frequency The high-frequency speaker unit for signal restoration (or tweeter), the woofer unit suitable for low-frequency signal restoration, and some also have mid-frequency speaker units. These speaker units of different frequency bands perform their own duties and are combined in a cabinet. It can better restore the sound of the entire audio range, which has become the widely used 2-way or 3-way speakers.

The above frequency division structure only reduces the frequency distortion of the speaker, that is, the sound signal of the entire audio range can be better restored. But the problem is that the size of the two or three speaker units and the location of the drive components are different. They are arranged up and down or left and right on the front baffle of the speaker. When we analyze carefully, we will find that the tweeter or woofer is used as a different sound source, and because the front and rear positions of the speakers are not on the same plane (for the listener), but there are differences between the front and rear, we can imagine this There is a difference between the sound from the two units reaching the ears. The lighter one will destroy the human ear’s positioning of the sound source, and the serious one will naturally cause high and low sound waves to interfere with each other, and the sound quality is difficult to improve. This is also the purpose of the coaxial unit invented by the British Tianlang Company in the last century.

At that time, the technology adopted was that the high and low bass components were coaxially placed on the axis of the horn, but the high and low bass had different magnetic circuits and the treble was closely attached to the back of the bass magnet. This better solved the problem caused by the separate arrangement of different units. The effect of distortion and sound source positioning.

Of course, the coaxial technology is not only the Tianlang model, but also a dual magnetic circuit structure that places the tweeter coaxially in front of the woofer. This is the patent of the British audiophile company KEF. .

What is so good about coaxial speakers?

Although these two coaxial solutions have better solved the problems of ordinary crossover speakers, we have studied from the microcosm and found that these two coaxial technologies have not really ideally realized the purpose of high and low components sounding from one point. , There is still a distance from the ideal point sound source. Only sharing the same points is the most ideal. In this regard, the so-called "coaxial common point" technology developed by China Shenzhen Solvay Technology Co., Ltd. can be regarded as a better solution to the shortcomings of the first two coaxial technologies. It puts the tweeter vibration component and the bass vibration component coaxially in the same magnetic steel magnetic circuit, which truly realizes the common point and uses the curved surface of the low-frequency unit's diaphragm (paper cone) as the horn of the treble. This greatly improves the performance of the speaker unit, for which the national invention patent was obtained.

Return to the movie hall. Everyone knows that the cinema hall is different from the general sound reinforcement, it has higher requirements for the fidelity of sound restoration. Mainly to achieve two goals, one is fine sound quality, and the other is accurate sound and image and strong sense of positioning. So people naturally think of cinema speakers using coaxial unit technology.

In modern theaters, 5.1/7.1 or multi-channel immersive surround sound systems are mostly adopted, which puts forward higher requirements on the positioning of sound images. As a more ideal point source, coaxial speakers are 2 points compared to other ordinary sound sources. Frequency and 3-way speakers have the advantage of high fidelity. They can also synchronize with the picture while improving the sound quality, providing fine positioning and smooth movement of the sound and image. They are better and are respected and are more and more widely used. Some people may say that the currently widely used 2-way and 3-way speakers do not necessarily sound bad.

What is so good about coaxial speakers?

Indeed, coaxial unit speakers are only put forward after people have higher requirements for sound quality. Therefore, we apply more in the field of HI-FI. With the continuous development of theater sound reproduction technology, people’s experience requirements for watching movies are also Corresponding improvement, the advantages of coaxial speakers have been revealed, and we will have obvious feelings after comparison.

Of course, the coaxial unit technology is still in continuous development, mainly due to material and process constraints. There are still bottlenecks in the manufacture of high-power units. The application in theaters is mainly small and medium-power surround sound boxes. The speakers have not yet adopted coaxial technology. I believe that with the improvement of technology, process, materials, etc., these problems will be solved.
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