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How to classify and select speakers

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A speaker is a device that restores an electrical signal to a sound signal, and the authenticity of the restoration will be an important criterion for evaluating the performance of the speaker.

Active speakers are (namely, power amplifiers) speaker systems. The power amplifier and speaker sound system are integrated, which can be directly matched with general audio sources (such as walkmans, CD players, video disc players, video recorders, etc.) to form a complete audio combination. With active speakers, there is no need to purchase additional power amplifiers, no longer worry about reasonable selection of power amplifiers and speakers, easy to operate, and high cost performance.

According to different sounding principles and internal structure, speakers can be divided into inverted, closed, flat, horn, labyrinth and other types, the most important of which are closed and inverted. The closed type is to install the speaker on the closed box, the efficiency is relatively low; while the inverted type is to install a circular phase inversion hole on the front or back panel. It works according to the principle of the Helmholtz resonator, and its advantages are high sensitivity, greater power capacity and wide dynamic range. Because the sound waves on the back of the speaker are also emitted from the phase inversion hole, its efficiency is also higher than that of a closed box. And the same loudspeaker installed in a suitable inverter box will get 3dB higher low-frequency sound pressure than installed in a closed box of the same volume, which is beneficial to the performance of the low-frequency part, which is also widely popular in the inverter type. main reason.

How to classify and select speakers

Speakers can be divided into bookshelf type and floor type in terms of structure. The former is small in size, clear in level, accurate in positioning, but limited in power, low-frequency extension and insufficient volume, suitable for music hobbies dominated by high-fidelity music And multimedia enthusiasts; the latter is larger in size, with higher power, and strong in low-frequency volume and flexibility, and is good at expressing turbulent momentum and powerful shock.

How to classify and select speakers

For lovers of different music, this is also an important content that you should know before buying. Since ordinary families rarely have the conditions to place large floor boxes, small desktop bookshelf speakers should be the best choice for multimedia active speakers. In general: as long as the design of the power amplifier module is reasonable, the larger the cabinet and the louder the speaker, the more pleasant the sound will be.
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