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The difference between two-way KTV speakers and three-way KTV speakers

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The two-way KTV speaker has a simple structure and relatively low cost. In order to solve the lack of midrange frequency, the frequency response characteristics of the woofer unit are moved upward on the crossover network, and the tweeter unit is watched for the frequency characteristics to move downward. Another problem is that the crossover frequency can only be set between 500Hz-2kHz, and this area is an important part of the human voice and music spectrum. Therefore, people leave a sense of "hollowness" and hearing distortion in the sense of hearing. Because of this, three-way KTV speakers have relatively high requirements for the speaker unit. If the performance of the unit is not good, the sound of the entire speaker system is not smooth enough or has serious phase distortion.

The difference between two-way KTV speakers and three-way KTV speakers

The characteristics of each unit of the three-way KTV speaker can be compromised, and their respective strengths can be fully utilized. The two crossover points can be selected at the upper and lower edges of the important part of the midrange vocal and music spectrum, which has no effect on the sound quality. Therefore, the three-way KTV speaker reduces the distortion of the sound, improves the clarity of the sound, improves the performance of the cross band between the low and high frequencies and the treble, and increases the power processing capacity of the speaker.
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