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Classification of multimedia speakers

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The types of multimedia speakers have different styles according to different classifications. Let’s take a look at some common categories:

●According to the material of the box, there are plastic and wooden boxes.

●According to the number of speaker units, there are single speaker unit (full-band unit) and dual (or three) speaker unit (two or three frequency division).

●According to the number of channels, there are 2.0 type (two-channel stereo), 2.1 (two-channel plus-subwoofer channel), 4.1 type (four channels plus one subwoofer channel), 5.1 type (five channels) Plus-super bass channel) speakers.

●The structure of the horn unit is divided into ordinary horn unit, flat horn unit, aluminum tape single horn unit, etc. Note: Ordinary speaker units can be classified according to the material of the diaphragm (paper cone). For example, the mid-woofer unit has paper cones, wool cones, PVC cones, polypropylene cones, metal cones... and other materials, and the tweeters have metal balls. Top, soft dome...

Classification of multimedia speakers

●According to the computer output port, there are ordinary interface (sound card output) speakers and USB interface speakers.

●According to the internal and external points of the power amplifier, there are active speakers (the most common built-in amplifier) and passive speakers (external amplifier, very high-quality or special requirements).

Classification of multimedia speakers

●According to the price, it is generally considered that the price of each pair (excluding the subwoofer, the same below) is ordinary speakers, the price of each pair is between 200 yuan and 800 yuan, and the price is above 800 yuan. Generally high-quality products (of course, this can not be divided, but also depends on the brand and actual performance).

●According to the purpose, there are general-purpose speakers, entertainment-oriented speakers (games, VCD, DVD and music appreciation) and professional speakers (HIFI production, fever music appreciation).
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