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Bluetooth speaker purchase guide

Release time: 2021-10-29    Viewers: 547

For the high-end players of Bluetooth speakers, everyone has a mentality: why buy some low-priced "useless" speakers, why not just choose a better one in one step?

Strictly speaking, there is no such thing as a one-step approach. After all, new functions are constantly being applied, such as the way to play with speakers in series. In addition, it supports aptX, supports LDAC, and supports

NFC and other functions have also become factors considered in purchase with the update of mobile phones and tablets.

The current portable Bluetooth speaker market has long been saturated, and the problem of homogeneity is relatively obvious. Bluetooth speakers at the same price have differences in hardware configuration but are not obvious, and their functions are becoming more abundant.

Diversity, appearance design is becoming more and more simple and beautiful, numerous brands also make it a little difficult to choose.

Personally, the preferred brand is more out of trust in the workmanship and tuning of branded Bluetooth speakers, but the brand is not the decisive factor for purchase. Bluetooth speakers purchased from

Of course, you need to comprehensively consider the price, function, and hardware configuration. The online product evaluation has reference value, but it is not the basis for your decision to buy.

Select priority

If you prioritize from price, function, and hardware configuration, it will be hardware configuration, function, and price. But in fact, there is a big premise, that is, what you want to buy is

Carrying a Bluetooth speaker or a home active speaker is related to personal actual use scenarios. But why should the hardware configuration be in the first place?

Because hardware can be said to be the foundation of Bluetooth speakers, it directly determines the number of functions to a certain extent. In addition, Bluetooth speakers are divided into traditional Bluetooth speakers and smart voice speakers.

The two categories have obvious differences in hardware configuration, such as pickup MIC, connectable WiFi, etc. This is also the focus of consideration and comparison.

1. Number and types of sounding units

This is the essence of speakers, whether you are listening to a sound or want to experience high-definition sound quality. At present, the more common Bluetooth speaker is a dual-unit design plus a passive radiation

Unit, but multi-unit Bluetooth speakers have also become common, such as the configuration of 2 woofers + 1 mid-to-high unit + 2 passive radiating units, which is of sound quality to a certain extent

Provided the foundation. In addition, pay attention to the size of the sound unit and the type of diaphragm, which will also affect the actual output sound quality.

2. Speaker design and material

Pay attention to the appearance design, not to let you choose good-looking, beautiful and beautiful, but to adopt such appearance designs as round, square, cylindrical, oval, etc., which is related to the surround audition.

Bluetooth speaker purchase guide

The effect, whether it can reduce the audition effect of the emperor, of course, this is also directly related to the position design of the sound unit. Relatively speaking, the current cylindrical or elliptical design is more

As common, it can bring 360 surround audition without obvious emperor status.

For the material part, the common materials of current Bluetooth speakers are plastic and alloy materials.

The connection is related to the usage scenarios, such as waterproofing, anti-falling, etc., outdoor Bluetooth speakers are all waterproof, and they are basically IPX4 or higher.

3. Bluetooth version, whether it supports aptX

Although Bluetooth 5 has already been released, the current Bluetooth version commonly used on Bluetooth speakers is still V4.0 or V4.1. The Bluetooth version is downward compatible, but try to choose

The high version of Bluetooth can at least ensure the smoothness of music playback. For the aptX part, although it needs to be equipped with a device that supports aptX to play its role, it is still recommended to give priority to

Choose a Bluetooth speaker that supports aptX, which has the advantages of low latency, good fault tolerance, high sound quality, etc., and you can get better audio-visual effects.

4. Battery capacity

The battery capacity is large or small, and it will also be related to the length of use, but it is also related to the actual output power. In terms of actual use, naturally the longer the use time, the better. Generally speaking,

The mainstream mid-to-high-end Bluetooth speakers can at least meet the continuous use demand of more than 8 hours of continuous audition, and the portable is 4-6 hours.

5. Interface

A charging port is definitely necessary, but different Bluetooth speakers have some differences, that is, whether it can be used as a USB speaker mode with a computer directly. In addition to 3.5mm pitch

The frequency output interface is also relatively common, and it can be used with audio cables to directly connect to mobile phones, tablets, computers and other devices. As for the TF card slot and USB interface, some Bluetooth speakers are also better than

More common, Bluetooth speakers with a USB interface can generally be used as a mobile power bank to temporarily charge other devices, such as smart watches and mobile phones.

Bluetooth speaker purchase guide

6. Button design, gesture control

Most Bluetooth speakers are designed with physical buttons, but there are some exceptions. In addition to the power button as a physical button, some Bluetooth speakers adopt a touch-type button design.

The body looks more concise. There is also a gesture control function added to some speakers, through the built-in components to achieve the control function during song playback.

7. Microphone

For traditional Bluetooth speakers that support voice calls, they usually come with one or two MICs, and calls can be made directly through the speakers. And for the current mainstream smart voice Bluetooth

For speakers, the design of array microphones is the foundation. The mainstream six-array pickup MIC will be more excellent in terms of pickup performance and effect.

8. WiFi connection

Generally speaking, speakers with WiFi networking function will also support Bluetooth connection. Such speakers can be called wireless speakers and support APP playback management. Some will support airplay and Qplay.

, DLNA and other wireless playback functions. However, this is mainly for smart voice speakers. The networking function of smart voice speakers is a must. Why? Most current smart voice speakers

Voice interaction in the offline state is basically unavailable, and more accurate voice recognition and a better voice interaction experience can be obtained only when connected to the Internet. For this part, it’s important to note that the speaker

What is supported on the Internet is only 2.4G or AC dual-band. After all, dual-band routers have already been popularized. In addition, more stable and smooth online audio and video playback can be obtained under 5G WiFi.

9. Other configurations (NFC, screen, lights, etc.)

For NFC, there is better. The reason is naturally that it is more convenient to use with a mobile phone with NFC function, and the price may be higher in general. As for the screen part, basically use

To display the time, alarm clock, song name, connection method, etc., it is not necessarily a touch screen design. The lighting effect is more of an embellishment, it will look more gorgeous, if you support custom lights

It can only improve the playability, but it is not suitable for everyone, and it is not worth paying for the premium of such additional functions. After all, it is only an auxiliary function.
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