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What to do if there is no sound from the Bluetooth speaker

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1. First check whether the Bluetooth driver of the computer is installed correctly. Right-click "Manage" on my computer, then click "Device Management" and click "Universal Serial Bus Control". If there is a small yellow exclamation mark in front of it, it means that the driver is incorrect. Please download the correct driver from the official website or use the driver wizard to automatically download.

2. After confirming that the driver is correct, right-click on the small speaker in the lower right corner of the computer and select "Play Device" and select the "Play" tab, and you will see the connected playback device.

3. Select "Bluetooth headset" in the playback settings that appears, then click "Set as default" below, and then click OK.

4. Place the mouse on the small speaker in the lower right corner, and you will see the speaker (bluetooth): 100% is displayed on the small speaker at this time and the sound has been output to the headset.

What to do if there is no sound from the Bluetooth speaker

5. Open a sound file at random to test, and then confirm whether it is correct.

Solve the problem that the computer Bluetooth headset is successfully connected but there is no sound


What to do if there is no sound from the Bluetooth speaker

It must be confirmed whether the driver is installed correctly. If the driver is not installed correctly, this method may not be successful.
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