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The difference between card type and non card type Bluetooth speaker

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The card can download songs to the memory card (the memory card is mostly a TF card, which is the memory card of a mobile phone, and there is also an SD card), and directly play the songs in the card. There is one more function. The current Bluetooth speaker functions are all There are many, you can insert a card into a U disk audio input and output hands-free call to control the phone up and down music and so on.

How to use Bluetooth card speakers

1. Bluetooth and card are two functions: Bluetooth is the function of wireless connection, and card is that this speaker can be inserted into a memory card to play music files in the memory card.

2. The card function of the speaker is related to the format of the built-in music player. Generally, the card speaker is mostly in MP3 format. In addition, most of the memory cards are TF (such as small cards commonly used in mobile phones) memory cards, and a few are compatible with SD memory cards. This is something you need to pay attention to when buying.

The difference between card type and non card type Bluetooth speaker

Steps for usage:

1. Charging. Before using it for the first time, we recommend to fully charge the Bluetooth speaker. The charging method is very simple: insert the charger plug into the charging socket of the Bluetooth speaker, and then connect the charger to an AC power source or a personal computer. The charging indicator light is on when charging, and the indicator light is off after the charging is completed:

The difference between card type and non card type Bluetooth speaker

2. Connect the device (you can use bluetooth devices such as laptops, mobile phones, PSPs, etc.), or have a 3.5mm jack (mobile phone earphone jack, MP3, MP4, computer and other earphone jacks are all available): 1. Bluetooth connection : (1) Turn on the Bluetooth speaker: (2) Start the Bluetooth function of the mobile phone (or other device), search for Bluetooth settings, and then select the Bluetooth speaker: (3) Password required: device name: MYVISION; password: 0000 or 1234: (4) Some mobile phones do not need to enter a password, just select "Pair" directly. When the connection is successful, there will be a prompt sound "beep...": 2. Adapter cable connection: use a 3.5mm cable at both ends to connect:

3. Description of status indicator (CHARGE). 1. Standby/standby: fast flashing blue 2. Charging: red 3. Charging completed: red light is off 4. Card mode: blue light flashing slowly (Bluetooth speaker that supports card insertion)
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