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How to buy outdoor Bluetooth speakers?

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Since the advent of Bluetooth speakers, with the development of smart terminals, it has attracted widespread attention from users such as mobile phones and tablets. Bluetooth technology makes it possible to make speakers wireless. Various well-known brands have launched many "Bluetooth speakers" with various shapes. Consumers can make themselves super stylish and convenient for prices ranging from tens of yuan to more than 3,000 yuan. Bluetooth speakers.

Now, let's take a look at the purchasing skills of high-quality low-cost speakers.

Sound quality (sound effect)
The most important thing for any type of speaker is sound quality. Thousands of outdoor speakers on the market are roughly classified into these three types: monocular, "square", and "kettle".

Cheap monocular speakers are often the first choice for buyers with zero experience in outdoor speakers. Although some of the sound quality is decent, in fact, for the speakers they have used, the single-tube sound effect of a single speaker is far inferior to the "square" or "square" or "double speaker". Kettle" sound effect. According to the existing domestic audio technology, no matter how good the quality of the single-tube speaker is and how advanced the technology is, the comparison with the double-speaker speaker will immediately return to its original shape. Usually in a very noisy outdoor environment, the sound effect needs to be strong and powerful. In such an environment, the single-speaker speaker is more than enough. If an ultra-cheap speaker is just better than the phone in your hand, it might as well simply buy an amplifier. Since you need good quality outdoor speakers, it is recommended to buy outdoor speakers with dual speakers.

In addition to the speaker unit, the sound quality identification requires listening to the equalization of each frequency band. You can try to listen to some music with a wide frequency response, such as music from a large movie. Then compare each frequency band, the high frequency band should be clear and transparent, soft without breaking the sound and not blunt. The mid-range should be warm and moist, and the expression of the human voice should be true and delicate. The low frequency band should have a sense of strength and not loose. This kind of sound quality is no problem for playing any type of music. Of course, when listening to music, try to avoid the interference of wall reflections. If not, it may be unsatisfactory in an outdoor environment. If it performs well in a noisy environment, it will be fine indoors.

Finally, take a look at the higher the signal-to-noise ratio (ie dB) dB value, the stronger the anti-interference ability of the speaker, the higher the sound quality, and the better the fidelity effect. Therefore, the larger the signal-to-noise ratio, the better. Generally speaking, the signal-to-noise ratio of outdoor speakers should not be lower than 68dB.

How to buy outdoor Bluetooth speakers?


An outdoor speaker needs to be charged if you listen to music for a while, which is not only very disappointing, but also brings a lot of inconvenience (the mobile power will also be exhausted). A good outdoor speaker needs to have a good endurance. We do not intentionally turn off or turn on the phone when outdoors, and we do not actively realize how long the battery can last. When we turn off the music when we really want to be quiet, that is the accomplishment of merit. If the interest is high and the music stops abruptly, it will be very boring, so a long battery life is needed to keep the music playing uninterrupted.

The battery is a decisive factor that directly affects the endurance. It is recommended to choose speakers with large batteries and large capacity when purchasing. Generally, cheap single-speaker outdoor speakers on the market can only store a small battery due to their size, so the standby time is very short, even more than 8 hours are very few. Such short-term playback can't meet the requirements of outdoor travel at all, so it is recommended to choose dual-speaker speakers with long-lasting battery life.


When it comes to portability, the first thing people think of is small size and light weight. Not to mention the battery life and sound quality defects of the small-sized speakers, the look and feel will also appear cheap due to the lack of volume. In fact, portability is not as small as possible, but depends on the applicability of the speakers. In outdoor activities, we will carry some essential items, such as mountaineering bags for climbing, bicycles for riding, or nothing at all. At this time, the portable applicability of the speaker is needed: it can be hung on the body, can be placed on a bicycle, such as on a bottle cage like a kettle, on both sides of the bag, or can also be hung on the bag. In many cases, square outdoor speakers are not suitable. For example, it is inconvenient for riding and installation, and it can't fit well on both sides of the bag when climbing. A kettle-shaped speaker is more suitable in such an environment.

In terms of feel, square speakers with edges and corners are not as comfortable as round kettle-type speakers. If you are traveling, it is still recommended to buy a more rounded outdoor speaker.

How to buy outdoor Bluetooth speakers?

Strong maneuverability, reasonable man-machine

Outdoor speakers are mostly wireless Bluetooth configurations, and the Bluetooth versions on the market are 2.0, 2.1, 3.0, and 4.0. Don't think too much, the higher the version, the better. The higher the version, the longer the receiving distance, the smaller the power loss to the speakers, and the better the sound quality.

The buttons of many speakers are designed very uniquely. In fact, the large buttons that are simple and easy to operate are very man-machine. One button, one function, fool-like operation, easy to understand and easy to understand. As for speakers with composite buttons, it is not recommended to use them. Not only do they need to be studied and explained, but they are also prone to misoperation. Speakers with small buttons are not even recommended. When you tap a finger with a larger finger, you can press it all down, so the operation is very confusing. Therefore, it is recommended to buy outdoor speakers with large buttons (single operation). It is better to have one-handed operation and blind operation, which will be much more convenient.

Many outdoor speakers have a hands-free function, which I think is very user-friendly. Not only does it have a lot of radiation to answer a phone call, the ears are uncomfortable after more than ten or twenty minutes, so it is good to have a hands-free function.

Three defenses

A professional outdoor speaker will definitely have the function of three defenses. Don't worry if you use it yourself, the speaker is more durable. The English name of the three defense standard is Ingress Protectone (ingress protection) abbreviated as IP. The IP level can indicate the product's ability to resist liquid and solid attacks. When choosing an outdoor speaker, you can look at its three-proof IP level. The higher the IP level, the more powerful the three defense functions, which can be determined according to needs.


You can find outdoor speakers on the market on the Internet, most of which are made of these four materials: silicone, rubber, plastic, and metal. Plastic materials are not only fragile, but also easy to get dirty. Some of them even fail to meet safety standards and are harmful to the body. The metal material is relatively strong, but for outdoor use, it is too heavy and easy to wear, which affects the appearance. Many metal surfaces will be painted. Not only does the color fade after a period of time, the paint with excessive lead content also affects health, and it is also unsafe for families with babies.

Silicone material has a good feel, is easier to clean, and is scratch-resistant and wear-resistant. It is a better material for outdoor products. Because of its softness, it is often used as a waterproof and shock-resistant material. Silicone material needs to pay attention to its environmental protection. When selecting, you can check whether it has professional environmental certification, such as the authoritative RUSH certification. It will be more at ease when used in this way.


This varies from person to person. When the sound quality, portability, endurance, etc. all meet the requirements, it depends on your own preferences.


When these conditions are met, compare the reference data slowly, and choose the cheaper one.
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