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The difference between Bluetooth speakers and Wifi speakers

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The difference between Bluetooth and WiFi
Both Bluetooth and WiFi are connected wirelessly, but there are qualitative differences.

Bluetooth Speaker:
Simply put, Bluetooth speakers have built-in Bluetooth chips, replacing traditional wired connections with Bluetooth connections, making connections faster and more convenient. However, it cannot be said that Bluetooth connections are all advantages. In fact, no matter how Bluetooth technology develops, its transmission bandwidth and connection coverage distance are far from WiFi. However, Bluetooth speakers have been popularized earlier and are relatively cheap, so It will be easier and easier for the public to accept.
Advantages: simple and fast connection, relatively low price, small size and easy to carry.
Insufficiency: The transmission distance is short, and the transmission bandwidth cannot achieve high-quality audio transmission.

WiFi speaker:
The connection of the WiFi speaker, in simple terms, can be regarded as the built-in WiFi module of the speaker will be activated when needed, turning the speaker into a hotspot, and then we can search for our WiFi speaker through mobile phones and other devices to complete Wireless connection between mobile phone and WiFi speaker.

Looking at it this way, in fact, the connection mode of WiFi speakers is somewhat similar to that of Bluetooth speakers, but WiFi speakers are connected based on WiFi networks, so their bandwidth and transmission distance are much better than Bluetooth speakers. In addition, when the WiFi speaker is connected to a mobile phone and other devices, there will be some disadvantages. For example, when you connect the WiFi speaker with a mobile phone, the mobile network of the mobile phone cannot be connected. This is because the WiFi speaker occupies the WiFi channel of your phone. Let your mobile phone only become a tool for playing music.

The difference between Bluetooth speakers and Wifi speakers

Advantages: high-quality music can be transmitted, and the transmission distance is long.

Insufficiency: Occupies the mobile phone WiFi channel, the connection is more complicated.

The difference between Bluetooth speakers and Wifi speakers

Which speaker would you prefer outdoors?
After understanding the essential difference between Bluetooth speakers and WiFi speakers and their respective advantages and disadvantages, if you were to choose a wireless speaker product for outdoor use, which one would you choose?
In fact, although both have their own advantages, from the perspective of outdoor use, Bluetooth speakers are more suitable for general users to use outdoors, because with the development of Bluetooth technology and the boom of outdoor Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth speakers have a protective effect It is powerful and easy to carry. Although the transmission quality and distance are a big issue that restricts its development, since it is used outdoors, do so many people really care about the effect of its HiFi?
The WiFi speaker is more suitable for the home environment. Although the WiFi speaker is also a wireless connection method, it can only play local music when connected to the WiFi speaker and occupy the mobile network channel of the mobile phone. This makes it not fully suitable for outdoor use. Therefore, most of the current Bluetooth speaker factories still focus on the production of Bluetooth speakers.
Passive Speaker:Bluetooth Speaker

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