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How to use Bluetooth speakers?

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How to use Bluetooth speakers?
1. Turn on the newly purchased Bluetooth speaker, press and hold the power button for a few seconds, the indicator light will light up;
2. Then open the phone settings, turn on the Bluetooth function of the phone, and search for devices. .
3. After searching for the device, find the Bluetooth speaker, click on pairing, and enter the corresponding digital password.
4. After the Bluetooth speaker is successfully connected, open a music player such as Kugou and choose a song to play.

How to use mobile phone Bluetooth speakers?
1. Turn on the power of the Bluetooth speaker first, and the indicator light will light up.
2. Then turn on the Bluetooth of the mobile phone.
3. At this time, the mobile phone will automatically detect the available Bluetooth devices around.
4. After the speaker device is detected, click to start pairing. It may take a few seconds to successfully pair.

5. Just choose a piece of music to play on the phone.

How to use Bluetooth speakers?

How to use laptop bluetooth speakers?
Connecting a Bluetooth speaker to a laptop is similar to connecting to a mobile phone
First, turn on the Bluetooth switch on the laptop with one key.
Then search on the notebook and wait for the device to be connected.
After you find it, click connect directly, and the driver system will automatically install. If you encounter something that cannot be installed, you need to download the "Bluetooth Driver" and install it to connect.

After the Bluetooth speaker is successfully connected, just select a piece of music to play on the computer.

How to use Bluetooth speakers?

How to use bluetooth speakers for desktop computers?
For desktop computer Bluetooth connection, you need to purchase a "Bluetooth adapter" separately. The price is not expensive, just buy one that works.
Then, plug it into the USB port of the computer and it will be installed automatically. After installation, it is similar to the use of laptop Bluetooth speakers.

How to use the wireless bluetooth speaker?
1. Turn on the Bluetooth speaker switch,
2. Turn on the Bluetooth on the phone, search for the name of your speaker, click connect,
3. After the connection is successful, the audio file can be played.
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