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Wi-Fi speakers or Bluetooth speakers, which one is better?

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The technological development of Bluetooth and the technological development of WIFI are two skill trees.

Bluetooth is aimed at device-to-device links, while WIFI is network-based communication. The biggest difference between the two is whether they can support devices to access the Internet.

In the current era, any hardware device is squeezed to access the mobile Internet, because big data and mobile control are the inevitable trends of all hardware in the future and the standard configuration of users, just like the old generation must have a bicycle to get married, the new generation People who get married must have the same wedding car fleet. Of course, there is an equipment market that is out of the network, and it will naturally be marginalized in the future.

NFC is only a radio frequency connection method, and does not play a decisive role.

In Xiaomi's theory, product and user reputation are the key.

Wi-Fi speakers or Bluetooth speakers, which one is better?

2021 will be a stage of contention for WIFI speakers of various big and small brands. At present, more than a dozen domestic manufacturers are preparing to go online and preparing to produce a large number of products. But in Xiaomi's theory, product and user reputation are the key.

The biggest problem with WIFI speakers is the user experience, which is not as mature and simple as Bluetooth. There is still a big difference between making a good bicycle and a good airplane, although both are vehicles.

Wi-Fi speakers or Bluetooth speakers, which one is better?

I look forward to it, and personally predict that once the industry becomes hot and mature, the products will naturally evolve to the same level, and we will hear more rich audio content and high-quality good music, simpler and richer. When Bluetooth first emerged, it was almost like this. The future belongs to human evolution, and the hardware also conforms to the theory of evolution.

It is recommended that you have a better buying experience after the product is mature. If you are interested in witnessing the growth of a product, an industry, and a brand, you can also pay attention to it.
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