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What is a wireless bluetooth speaker?

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What is a wireless bluetooth speaker? Shenzhen bluetooth speaker manufacturer

Bluetooth speakers refer to speakers that rely on the Bluetooth transmission protocol (A2SP stereo protocol) for information transmission. To put it bluntly, it refers to the application of "Bluetooth" technology to traditional digital and multimedia speakers, so that users can be free from wires. To listen to music in various ways.

Speaking of "Bluetooth" technology, we must understand what "Bluetooth" is. "Bluetooth" is a radio technology that supports short-distance communication (within 10m) of devices. It works in the microwave frequency band, with a transmission rate of 1M bytes per second, and a maximum transmission distance of 10 meters. By increasing the transmission power, it can reach 100 meters. It can be used in many devices including mobile phones, PDAs, wireless headsets, notebook computers, and related peripherals. Wireless information exchange between. The use of "Bluetooth" technology can effectively simplify the communication between mobile communication terminal devices, so that data transmission becomes faster and more efficient, and broadens the way for wireless communication. Because Bluetooth technology is open globally, plus it is a low-cost and high-capacity short-range wireless communication specification, Bluetooth technology (Bluetooth) also makes it possible to make speakers wireless.

Bluetooth was first proposed by Ericsson, and then Bluetooth has been widely used, such as computers, mobile phones, digital cameras, camcorders, printers, fax machines, home appliances and many other electronic devices, especially after 2011, Bluetooth Smart phones and Bluetooth tablet computers have developed rapidly. They are amazing in terms of performance and screen. However, due to the influence of volume and wire, there has been no breakthrough in the development of speakers. Consumers have already mastered Bluetooth. Front-end devices such as mobile phones or Bluetooth tablets are increasingly in demand for this part. The bluetooth speaker takes advantage of the trend, and the portable way, wireless transmission, and stylish appearance are strongly loved by consumers.

As a Bluetooth application, wireless Bluetooth speakers have four unique characteristics compared to other wireless speakers.

What is a wireless bluetooth speaker?

1. Widely used speaker manufacturers
Bluetooth technical specifications are unified globally. Mobile phones, PDAs, wireless headsets, notebook computers, automobiles, medical equipment, computer peripherals and many other devices, as long as you have a Bluetooth adapter, you can easily connect to Bluetooth devices for data transmission or voice communication, which is widely popular , Good compatibility.

2. Easy to operate Bluetooth speaker manufacturers
Bluetooth technology is a real-time technology. It does not require a fixed infrastructure, and is easy to install and set up. It can be connected without a cable. It is very convenient to use. It can be put into use only by simply completing the pairing, and the operation threshold is low.

What is a wireless bluetooth speaker?

3. Faster transmission speed
Compared with other methods such as infrared, the Bluetooth transmission protocol has obvious advantages in speed. The theoretical maximum speed of Bluetooth 4.0 reaches 24Mbps. A faster speed can ensure higher sound quality and make it have enough capacity to carry higher bit rates. Music.

4. Moderate transmission distance
The transmission distance of Bluetooth is generally within 10 meters, which is exactly the size of a room, and can transmit data across walls, which is very suitable for home use.
In view of market demand, major wireless Bluetooth speaker manufacturers at home and abroad have successively launched their own Bluetooth speakers. At present, the popular editor in the market recommends Herui wireless Bluetooth speakers. For details, please inform us
With the development of science and technology, people's lives are becoming more and more technological. From the original BB machine to the big brother, and then to the current smart phone, it marks the arrival of the era of wireless intelligence and facilitates people's lives. For speaker products, equipped with the latest Bluetooth technology, APP technology, has become the mainstream of current speaker products. Speaker products mark people's pursuit of life. The appearance of Bluetooth speakers brings people a more convenient and fast lifestyle.
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