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How to judge the sound quality of speakers

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When consumers buy car Bluetooth speakers, they should not only pay attention to their fashionable appearance, but also pay attention to the actual effect of the speaker's sound effects, and the distinction of treble is the most important. How to distinguish the quality of the car's Bluetooth speaker treble? Bluetooth speaker manufacturers recommend three simple methods: look, touch, and listen.

Look-there is a gap between the diaphragm and the panel. When designing car bluetooth speakers, many businesses continue to introduce a wide range of colorful and fashionable products, especially some of the loudspeakers' treble designs are very beautiful and distinctive. But it is precisely because of the beautiful appearance of these features that it also provides us with the key to distinguish the quality of the speaker's treble. It can be seen from the appearance that the problematic speakers are rough and shoddy, but for some of the more delicate production, in terms of appearance, you can even use fake car Bluetooth speakers, it is not so easy to distinguish them. In this regard, the best thing to do is to check whether there is a gap between the diaphragm and the panel. Generally speaking, due to the high-speed operation of the car's Bluetooth speakers, the diaphragm will vibrate. At this time, manufacturers generally leave a gap between the diaphragm and the panel. Conversely, it is difficult to see obvious gaps when the diaphragm and panel are bonded by glue or other methods.

Touch-the diaphragm feels soft. Touch the diaphragm with your hand, and feel a thin layer, soft to the touch, generally licensed. And some low-quality car Bluetooth speakers made of other textures will feel stiff to the touch. In most cases, this trick is useful. Of course, pay attention to the intensity of the touch, and it is best not to be seen by the store. However, many manufacturers in order to maintain the speakers, especially for fear of damage to the speaker diaphragm due to external impact, they will add a maintenance baffle outside the diaphragm, so that it is difficult for users to touch the diaphragm, let alone distinguish the speaker. It's true and false.

Listen-the high pitch is stable. Choose a song with richer treble to play. When you hear the treble, you need to pay attention to putting your ears closer to the car’s Bluetooth speaker. At this time, listen carefully to see if the car's Bluetooth speaker will announce "chichi", "chirp" and other noises. Obviously, the Shenzhen Bluetooth speaker manufacturer with a lot of noise indicates that the diaphragm is unstable and the sound transmission effect is not good, and its quality can be imagined. On the contrary, the high-pitched performance is stable, and the Shenzhen Bluetooth speaker manufacturer, which has no noise, is a product worth buying.

How to judge the sound quality of speakers

Although the audio industry will not expand as quickly as other digital products, there are still a lot of new products every year, and the audio industry will have certain changes in every period following the trend of user needs. After the advent of computers, car bluetooth speakers began to gradually replace traditional HiFi speakers as the mainstream desktop listening device. However, in recent years, as computers have expanded to smaller sizes, larger multimedia clearly seems to be too rigid and bulky, and occupy With a lot of space, the development of audio to miniaturization and portability has become a must.

How to judge the sound quality of speakers

However, traditional audio products have not disappeared. They still have a very necessary significance, especially for HiFi users with high demand for sound quality, small car Bluetooth speakers cannot meet their needs. However, car Bluetooth speakers have now become the mainstream listening form, which is due to the needs of users and cannot be changed. The car Bluetooth speaker is a convenient small speaker that has become popular in response to the increasing demand for portability. However, with the development of Bluetooth technology in recent years and the popularization of smart phones, the car Bluetooth speaker has now become the most mainstream one. A convenient form of listening.
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