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Bluetooth speaker manufacturers teach you how to judge the quality of speakers

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This year, Bluetooth speakers gradually occupy the market and become the protagonist. They are highly sought after by young people for their "easy to carry, easy to operate, and excellent sound quality". Even if the price of Bluetooth speakers on the market is much higher than that of traditional speakers, they are still popular. Increasingly, what is the magic of Bluetooth speakers, let's take a look at it together.

Bluetooth speakers are widely used by speaker manufacturers

All Bluetooth technology applications on the market are authorized by the Bluetooth Association. They can be used in mobile phones, headsets, notebooks, automobiles, medical equipment, etc. As long as you have a Bluetooth adapter, you can freely connect for data transmission and voice communication. Now it has been widely used. Popularity and good compatibility.

Bluetooth operation is very simple

Bluetooth technology is a real-time technology that does not require a fixed infrastructure, is easy to install and configure, and can be connected without a cable. It is very convenient to use. It can be put into use only by simply completing the pairing, and the operation threshold is low.

Bluetooth speaker transmission is super fast

Bluetooth has a Bluetooth transmission protocol, so it has obvious advantages over traditional devices. Bluetooth Theory 4.0 can reach up to 24mpbs. The faster the speed, the better the sound quality, and it can carry music with higher digital rates.

Bluetooth transmission distance is moderate

Bluetooth generally has a transmission distance of less than 10M, and can be transmitted across walls, which is very suitable for use in a home environment.

Having said that, do you also understand the advantages of Bluetooth technology?

Judging the sound quality from the perspective of timbre Bluetooth speaker manufacturers

How to evaluate the good and bad of a voice? I think this issue is worthy of discussion. That is to say, it mainly depends on two aspects to evaluate. One is subjective evaluation, which is to rely on the auditory organs of the human ear to feel the sensation of sound; the other is objective evaluation, which is the actual quality of the sound. The subjective evaluation is based on listening, and the objective evaluation is based on measurement, or measured by the standard of measurement. If you use these two methods to evaluate the sound quality at the same time, it will be more comprehensive.

If the subjective evaluation is used to evaluate the sound quality, there are some imperfections. There are many factors that affect subjective evaluation. Shenzhen bluetooth speaker manufacturer

1. Wholesale of human ear sensitivity speakers

Due to the differences in the physiological structure, health and development of each individual, the auditory sensitivity of each individual is different, and the auditory sensitivity of the left and right ears is also different. This causes the hearing sensitivity of each person to be different, just like the human vision. Some people have 1.5 left and 1.2 right, while others have 0.5 left and 1 right. So this has a great influence on the evaluation of timbre.

2. The effect of age on hearing

Due to physiological reasons, as the age increases, the auditory organs such as the eardrum and the cochlea weaken the tissue elasticity of the receptive points of different frequencies, so the ability to distinguish high-frequency sounds will gradually decrease, thus affecting the accuracy of the sound quality evaluation Sex.

Bluetooth speaker manufacturers teach you how to judge the quality of speakers

3. Influenced by the level of education

The level of a person's educational level affects the subjective evaluation. Because the field of acoustics is a multi-disciplinary and complex physical phenomenon, it has a very close relationship with physics, mathematics, architecture, music and other disciplines. To have a comprehensive and accurate understanding of timbre, it is necessary to have a considerable level and various quality levels. Therefore, the comprehensiveness and depth of a person's education affect the evaluation of timbre.

4. Ability to appreciate art

Everyone has different artistic qualities and artistic concepts, resulting in different perceptions of the artistic expressiveness of timbre. This aspect is also one of the factors that affect the evaluation of timbre.

5. People's psychological impact

Everyone has different feelings about tones in different periods, different moods, different living environments, and different mental states (mentality). This also affects the subjective evaluation of timbre.

6. Everyone's preference for Shenzhen Bluetooth speakers

Each may belong to this or that art genre in a different field of art, so everyone has a certain psychological preference, which is allowed. Therefore, this factor also affects the evaluation of sound quality.

7. Different countries and nationalities

Different countries, different ethnic groups, different regions and different eras have different standards and listening habits for the understanding of timbre. So the evaluation of timbre is very different.

Bluetooth speaker manufacturers teach you how to judge the quality of speakers

Therefore, subjective evaluation is a comprehensive artistic evaluation of feeling, which is affected by many factors.

The accuracy of subjective evaluation of timbre depends on the hearing sensitivity of the human ear and the ability to distinguish and analyze the structure of timbre, so as to distinguish the pros and cons of timbre. Moreover, there is often a big difference between subjective evaluation and objective evaluation. This is because subjective evaluation is the direct perception of sound by the human ear, while objective evaluation is the accurate sound received by the instrument or equivalent to the sound felt by the instrument . Because there are many acoustic effects on the auditory sense and acoustic effects on the sound field when sound is transmitted to the human ear, there is a difference between the two. Only when the various acoustic effects are taken into account, the two will be unified and coordinated. That is:

Subjective evaluation = objective evaluation + human ear effect

To make a comprehensive subjective and objective evaluation of sound quality, first of all, we need to have a comprehensive understanding and understanding of the structure of timbre, especially the overtone structure, and have the ability to analyze. Only in this way can we accurately judge the quality of a timbre.
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