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What kind of material is good for Bluetooth speakers?

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Bluetooth speakers on the market can generally be divided into three types, plastic, metal, and wood speakers. Among them, plastic and wood speakers are more common. Although, there is no precise numerical value to indicate which material is more suitable for manufacturing the cabinet, but according to their respective characteristics, they still have their own strengths.

However, like the plastic Shenzhen Bluetooth speakers, this type of product also has a strong need for manufacturers' metal processing capabilities and design capabilities; moreover, sound dyeing is relatively difficult to control for speakers made of metal materials. As a result, the number of manufacturers is also very limited, and the quotations of intermediate products are relatively expensive. However, many Japanese and Korean brands, such as Panasonic, Qianfeng, etc., have used this kind of raw materials in home theater sets, and have achieved good market results.

What kind of material is good for Bluetooth speakers?

Plastic-not all toys
Plastic is one of the raw materials for the new Shenzhen Bluetooth speakers. Most plastic speakers are well-dressed, even though most of them are worthless. Lightweight and malleable shapes make them even the endorsements of fashion. And the low-cost quotation makes them tightly occupy the market of mini speakers, multimedia active speakers and even many outdoor audio. It also attracted the likes of many young people.
However, most of the usual plastic speakers are made of ordinary materials, and the box body is thin and cannot beat the resonance. Therefore, the tone is dry, not round, and lacks smoothness. As long as a handful of top products (most of them come from European and American originals), due to the application of specially treated high-density plastics, they can achieve a very complete effect. Most plastic speakers are more suitable for low-end entertainment options.

Therefore, if you only allocate a few thousand yuan of audio-visual combination, it is enough to choose plastic speakers; but those who have an inevitable need for timbre themselves, it is best not to choose this kind of products if they do not have a sufficient budget.

What kind of material is good for Bluetooth speakers?

Wood-the original color is the basis
Wood is the oldest raw material for speakers. It is also currently the most widely used speaker cabinet system material. In the meantime, the speakers made of solid wood materials are top grade. However, solid wood is very agile to humidity, so it can be used only when contrast is boring.
The most popular wooden speakers in the market use high-density fiberboard. The overall performance of this material on dynamics and statics is not bad, and the processing cost is relatively low. The usual mid-range wooden speakers belong to this type of commodity.
In addition, there are also speakers made of other materials such as particleboard, plywood, and medium-density particleboard, which are also classified as wooden speakers.
In short, mid-range wooden speakers are better than similar products with plastic and metal textures, and home theaters of 10,000 yuan and above can be selected for distribution. If it is not too much trouble, and if you have the extra money, it is also a good choice to get a solid wood speaker with a value of one hundred or one hundred thousand.

Metal-Storm of Nobility
Metal speakers are commodities with high technical content that have only begun to appear in recent years. The ever-changing characteristics of raw materials enable speaker manufacturers to incorporate various industrial design concepts as they please, and promote the cost-effectiveness of metal speakers from an aesthetic point of view. In addition, metal speakers have excellent performance in high frequencies and excellent transparency.
All in all, if the Bluetooth speaker is not a set of Shenzhen Bluetooth speaker combination, the best is not to choose metal products. Moreover, the distribution of metal luster and other homes is not very simple.
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