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Who is the Bluetooth speaker suitable for? Do you really need it?

Release time: 2021-07-06    Viewers: 612

The popularity of smart devices has given birth to a series of peripheral peripherals, among which portable Bluetooth speakers are more commonly used. Although Bluetooth speakers have maintained a relatively hot state in recent years, many people still hold a skeptical attitude towards it.

Is the bluetooth speaker only for the aunt of the square dance?

This thing can only be heard?

I believe that many netizens have this view on Bluetooth speakers. In fact, due to technical limitations, the sound quality of Bluetooth speakers is indeed not as good as that of traditional speakers, but in fact, Bluetooth speakers are not specifically designed for people who are critical of sound quality. Is it really only suitable for square dancers? Who is the Bluetooth speaker suitable for? Today we will discuss it together.

Who is the Bluetooth speaker suitable for? Do you really need it?

1. Mobile phone and tablet audio-visual users

Nowadays, many users like to watch movies or TV shows on mobile phones or tablets, but the external broadcasting of mobile phones is not at the level of Nokia back then. The poor broadcasting experience directly affects the viewing experience. Compared with large-volume traditional speakers, small Bluetooth speakers are undoubtedly better for smart devices such as mobile phones or tablets, and are more casually placed. In addition, the Bluetooth connection directly saves you the trouble of finding audio cables everywhere. In terms of sound quality, it will be greatly improved compared to the external speaker of the mobile phone. Of course, the Bluetooth speaker replaces the external amplifier, and the battery life of your device will also be improved.

Who is the Bluetooth speaker suitable for? Do you really need it?

2. People with cars
Most Bluetooth speakers will have a Bluetooth hands-free function. Put the bluetooth speaker in the car, and when a phone comes in, you can free your hands and answer by pressing a button. Of course, Bluetooth headsets can also replace this function, but Bluetooth speakers are louder and clearer, and daily use can also replace some low-end car audio.

3. Outdoor fitness enthusiasts
If you like running or sports, if you don't like to wear sports headphones, you can try wearable sports speakers. These wearable Bluetooth speakers are very small in size and don't have to worry too much about their weight. You can wear the speakers on your body by using an arm pocket, and you can achieve better exercise effects while running while listening to songs. In addition, they also have some pedometers and other functions, allowing users to better detect their own exercise data.
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