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How to improve the sound quality of Bluetooth speakers

Release time: 2021-07-09    Viewers: 643

1. Adjust the volume of smart terminals such as computers, tablets, and mobile phones to about 80%, and the volume of Bluetooth speakers to 80% or below, not too high or too low.

2. The less interference, the better the sound. Indoor household appliances and computers should avoid sharing a set of power sources with the audio system. Even if they are put together, they should obtain power from elsewhere. Secondly, entanglement of the cables will also make the lines absorb noise between the lines and destroy the sound quality. Whether it is equipment or connection lines, it should be kept free from interference from other electrical appliances or power cords. Try to use them separately.

How to improve the sound quality of Bluetooth speakers

3. During the playback process, try to use the speakers to play as many types of music as possible, so that the high, medium and low three frequencies of the speakers can be fully extended. Prevent the speaker's shrapnel from being used for a long time to cause aging.

How to improve the sound quality of Bluetooth speakers

4. Furniture and sundries are already excellent sound-absorbing materials, and laying a carpet already has a basic sound-absorbing effect. The advantage of adding carpet is that it can reduce the reflection of the floor and avoid mixing the sound from the front to cause turbidity. In addition, the glass and mirrors in the room will have a strong effect of reflecting sound, so curtains should be used to cover them to solve the problem. Using these measures can effectively absorb sound and prevent speaker reverberation.

5. Place a coin or a cork pad (or rubber pad) at each of the four corners at the bottom of the speaker to increase the anti-vibration effect and improve the sound quality of the speaker.
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