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Precautions for using Bluetooth speakers

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As a person who likes music, there is more or less a speaker at home. However, sometimes you will find that all kinds of problems appear when you see the speakers. Most of the problems are caused when we use the speakers. What problems should be paid attention to when using the speakers? Today I will give you a brief introduction.

Note one when using the speaker:
For the newly purchased speakers, we have to run-in it like a new car, which is the "burning machine" in the speaker industry. Only after fully running-in can the speakers play their potential. Since the "horn", an important part of the speaker, is the key component that determines the sound quality and service life of the speaker, and most of the speakers are composed of reinforced paper cones or bulletproof cloth, new speakers are generally stiff and require a softening process, so the speaker needs to be burned. It sounds better and more durable. Many people find that speakers need to be heated for a while to make them sound better. We agree, the only difference is that someone preached to use a loud volume to cook. This is wrong. In fact, the running-in between the speaker and the car is the same. Slowly running-in will make the mechanical part (the vibrating part is equivalent to the mechanical part) get the best running-in, and there is no benefit to the speaker at all. The circle may be deformed. Therefore, the simmering heat is good, otherwise it is easy to have problems such as sharp, hoarse, crackling, and uneven sound. As for the specific method of burning the machine, please search for relevant knowledge on the Internet, and I will not repeat it here.

Precautions for using Bluetooth speakers

Note two when using the speaker:

The problem of the place of use: any sound is turned on to the loudest, there will be phenomena such as broken sound, so the volume of up to 8 is almost the same. Originally, the power of this speaker is 40W. If the general family uses a space of 100 square meters, it is more than enough. , If you put it on a square, or use it in a large classroom, its power is bound to be unbearable.

Precautions for using Bluetooth speakers

Note three when using the speaker:
Prevent the sudden impact of large signals: Generally, there are the following situations: First, because the potentiometer switch has not been turned to the lowest level after the last listening, or someone has moved the potentiometer by mistake, it will be in a high volume state when the sound is turned on, resulting in a large signal Shock. The second is that there are sudden large dynamic fragments in the music. In order to emphasize the contrast in these clips, the signals are mostly weak before the arrival of the big dynamics. At this time, if you are not mentally prepared, turn up the volume, it is easy to damage the speaker when a large dynamic signal comes. Such as explosions, drums, thunder and so on. The third situation is that when the speaker is working normally, the signal line and power cord are suddenly plugged in. At this time, a large current impact will occur, which is most likely to damage the speaker.
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