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How to use the bluetooth speaker?

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You can buy a good quality Bluetooth speaker online for only a few tens of dollars, even if it is a big brand product, it is only one or two hundred, so many young people have already started to listen to music more conveniently. This kind of small speaker is also very convenient to use. After you get it, you first need to complete the Bluetooth connection. After turning on the speaker and turning on the bluetooth of the mobile phone at the same time, it will enter the automatic search mode. When the bluetooth of the speaker is displayed on the mobile phone, you can click pairing to complete the automatic connection. This also means that the mobile phone and the speaker have been connected through a wireless signal, which can be controlled by the mobile phone, and the speaker can also be used to play music on the mobile phone.

How to use the bluetooth speaker?

Different brands of Bluetooth small speakers also have certain differences in control. Common products can be individually controlled on the speakers, such as turning on or off, and adjusting the volume. However, many small speakers have a minimalist design. There are no buttons or knobs installed on them, and all the controls are done on the phone. Just open the client on the phone, you can easily control the volume and fine-tune the sound quality mode.

How to use the bluetooth speaker?

How to charge a small Bluetooth speaker
The vast majority of small bluetooth speakers have built-in batteries, using large-capacity lithium batteries, which can reach a battery life of about ten hours, which is completely sufficient under normal circumstances. Of course, users also need to charge in time to ensure that they can be used smoothly next time. The lithium battery can be charged at will, because it has no memory effect, does not need to be fully charged, and charging at any time can also extend the life of the battery. If it is usually used at home, it is not a big problem to plug it into the charger for a long time.
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